Giving permission

Ego finds danger in separate aspects of a world. Ego finds safety in the same. You are noticing that there is unrest in attempting to locate anything at all within separate aspects. At the same time, though, safety is shining through everything you see as separate. You only have to look up and notice.

Ego sees separate people and offers stories about them. Ego says, “You are my friend when the others aren’t.” Ego says, “You are my enemy when the others aren’t.” They are the same thing. Ego locates separate qualities within bodies, and it calls these qualities significant and important. Ego sends comparison thoughts about these perceived qualities. At the same time, Spirit shines right through all of this. It is possible to relax out of this distraction of useless judgment. In this relaxation, the shared light comes into view.

A world with separate friends and enemies is conforming to the shape you wanted. With your permission, the world can reflect something not based upon opposites. When you feel tension, you are expecting the onslaught of opposites, but this need not be. You can relax out of that tension into the light that shines through all appearances. When you’re busy being certain about any opposite, the world doesn’t have your permission to shine forth in wholeness. As you learn to drop useless certainty, you give your permission to be reminded about what is Real.

Remember this: You’re in the shower all the time. There is always a drain underfoot. Whenever you feel any tension, there is something that can be washed away right now. You only have to say yes to allow the shared light to come into view. Find the aspect of ego’s story that you are attached to, and drop it so it can swirl down the drain. Ego’s good story guarantees ego’s bad story. Drop both to see the beauty that has been here always.

What you feel as uncertainty is the temptation to listen to ego. There is a setting that feels like tension, and there is a setting that feels like relaxation and openness. From one come all the thoughts of the ego. From the other come inspiration and guidance. In order to relax back into inspiration and guidance, you must release your stranglehold on whatever seemingly separate certainty you have accepted from ego. You let go, and you see what comes in, in the absence of that.

Your course is set. Your guidance is sure. All is provided for you.

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