By your election

By your election, by your choice, you view what you want to view. Drop every surface label and analysis, and go down to where you are the same as all. This is what you have been trying to escape. Any stress, any tension–it always seems to be about and caused by the surface drama. Actually, it’s your attempt to escape what is always underneath the surface drama. The only thing you ever fear is love, no matter what illusion seems to hover over it. Love is ever-present under all drama.

What is in you is everywhere under every differing surface, and there are no exceptions. If you go inward and find something that you wouldn’t want to find somewhere else, then you haven’t passed the surface yet. Keep going. Go deeper into what you share with all. Go deeper into what cannot be judged. Find your safety and your rest here, and rest assured that the drama takes whatever shape is most helpful for everyone’s healing.

Everything that is moving on the surface is just a series of flutters. You’re being called very consistently past the flutters to the depth. Ego calls you back to the surface to manage flutters. Ego tells you that the flutters are real and calls your focus away from the depth. Your consistent focus upon the depth of innocence you share with all is what manages all of the surface flutters.

You can put all the flutters finally and irrevocably in Spirit’s hands. This means you don’t have a dog in the race anymore. In trusting that Spirit meets every need and guides you, you don’t have to pick out something specific to want anymore. All the yearning of want is over, and you are simply shown the way. You invest all your trust and faith in Spirit rather than in an aspect of the illusion.

From this position of not having a dog in the race, not competing or comparing with flutters, you cannot talk about others who still have a dog in the race up there, except with love and recognition and the relief of gratitude. If you do, there you are up on the surface, managing flutters, with a dog in the race. And everyone around you has a dog in the race. Why? Because you wanted to see them that way, so you have to show up that way. If you want to see them as deluded, then you have to be deluded, too.

But Spirit is always here, and Spirit always offers rest. Spirit leads so you don’t have to invent a pathway through what is imagined. In this, you are safe. No aspect of the illusion can keep you safe, but Spirit itself is your ever-present safety. You only have to look inward, away from the drama, to see this.

By your election, you can focus on what is Real or unreal. We are happy to light the way for you.

4 thoughts on “By your election

  1. Go deeper
    Into that
    Which cannot be judged
    Which is always there
    Silent unfluttering light

    Go deeper
    Into that
    Which is the ocean itself
    Watching waves
    Which is the sky itself
    watching clouds

    Go deeper
    Into that
    Which is love
    Of Mother Divine

    Watching the waves
    Coming and going
    Of creation
    As Her own child
    Embracing, accepting
    Loving all
    As Her own

    Go deeper
    To be Her
    Silent, pure love

    Thank YOUUUUUUU beautiful Julie.
    This is helping me sooooooo much.

    Speechless with gratitude from the DEPTHS of my heart. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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