All I want

I was given a song to begin this message, and I spent some time listening to ego call it silly. I did, however, eventually set that aside and listen.

All you need to see is the true Self of everyone. Let every love song be a hymn to this one of us, and let each song spark the willingness to see us as we Are. A heart so open is able to receive whatever is needed in any moment, and you can put your faith here. All is taken care of. All are cared for. Your job is to see and remember.

In any moment of suffering or uncertainty, remember this: Sight of the oneness of us is possible here. It isn’t just possible. It’s immediately available. Focus away from conflict and into unity, and your path will become very clear for you–clear, obvious, and easy to follow. As you allow your path to become easy for you, you allow the path to become easy for all.

The past story of anyone is not who they are now. The past story of any separate one is not who they have always been. We ask you to look toward the eternal and to drop the perceived past as irrelevant. Ego will give you many reasons to look at individual pasts. Your job is to see through each one and to remember that your happiness lies in what you all share equally.

When you feel stress or tension, it is time to allow a new way of seeing to come online. When you feel stress or tension, you’re clinging to the old way. Remind yourself: I am able to relax out of this. Without reference to any past, without reference to decisions made on the basis of seeing this past as real, your path can open up in front of you. Following the path is the easiest thing you could possibly do, and it does bring you joy. Following in the way appointed you–this is what brings happiness.

Everyone is a perfect conduit for God right now. If you put your faith here consistently, then you have left yourself nothing to fear. With no one to fear, you are free to enjoy everyone as they truly Are. When you are able to appreciate everyone as they truly Are, you are finally able to appreciate yourself as you Are, joined in eternal innocence with all.

Let us celebrate eternal innocence today. Let us remember not separate stories of separate pasts, but that which is shared right now and forever.

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