All I want I was given a song to begin this message, and I spent some time listening to ego call it silly. I did, however, eventually set that aside and listen. All you need to see is the true Self of everyone. Let every love song be a hymn to this one of us, and … Continue reading All I want

As you look, you ask to see As you look, you ask to see. When you are looking at something, your looking is a way of seeing. You don't just look upon things already there, things you have nothing to do with. You always look upon yourself. You always look in a mirror. So whatever you think you are seeing, that … Continue reading As you look, you ask to see

Seeing what Is When someone comes to you in a form you think you don't like, there is a thought at the foundation of this experience: I'd rather be distracted by what you aren't than see you as you Are. Any irritation or impatience with a situation or with a person--you feel it because of your commitment … Continue reading Seeing what Is

Asking to see truly We wish to speak of the experience of physical pain. Physical pain is an indicator. It gets your attention, and there are two roads available to you once your attention is on pain. Although pain is unreal, it is a very convincing illusion, sustained by the power you Are. As the maker of the … Continue reading Asking to see truly

Look under the blanket you threw If something monstrous seems to appear, or if you seem to see something monstrous in the rearview, best to ask what is really behind it. Don't allow surfaces to fool you. In order to react to a surface, you must judge it. You know how reaction feels. It disturbs. Negative reaction is clearly disturbing. … Continue reading Look under the blanket you threw

Ask to see Scott Hotalen as he Is Thanks to my friend Scott Hotalen, who invites me to mention him. Let's look at personal interaction. Personal interaction seems to be from one to another, across the space between them. You perceive a gap between what you call you and what you call the other. This perceived space, this sense of otherness, is … Continue reading Ask to see Scott Hotalen as he Is

See through You have been leaning upon judgment. As you become more willing to be happy, you also become more willing to notice and admit to pain. Any instance of any kind of pain is always caused by leaning upon judgment for security. Judgment promises security, but it has none to deliver. Judgment, delivered by ego, … Continue reading See through

Seeing through drama Everything is all set up for you. Everything is perfectly set up for you because you are worthy. This means that as you step into your day, there is no error in what you encounter. If what you seem to encounter brings you joy, it ushers you along a joyful path. If what you … Continue reading Seeing through drama

Seeing is allowing Seeing is believing. What will you see today? Will you see with the body's eyes and place ego's interpretation upon your seeing? Or will you go within and see what is Real? Will you allow what is within to guide all your thinking and perceiving today? Do you prefer the pain of reacting from … Continue reading Seeing is allowing

You bless them by seeing them as they Are You have the power to bring blessings into everyone's lives. The world you see is entirely up to you. The versions of the characters you experience--they're all completely obedient to your current perception. The film Nanny McPhee is an excellent demonstration of this. As she first appears, Nanny McPhee seems difficult to look at, certainly … Continue reading You bless them by seeing them as they Are