Remain Here You can't go anywhere. It seems you can go somewhere, but you can't. There is only one where, and it is here. There is only one when, and it is now. The power and purity of this Here and Now can never be overshadowed by a figment or a dream. All you need ever … Continue reading Remain Here

Time to wake up Waking up and remembering who you are means that you remember there is only one true place, no matter what seems to be happening in your world: Here and Now. If you can abide here, even as opinions and assumptions wash up at your shore, then you are keeping your attention in the core … Continue reading Time to wake up

Welcome to the head of the pin

Think of one location--let's call it the head of a pin. This is actually the where of where everything is. All those other locations? You give yourself the experience of this. We  want you to experience how equally wondrous a meadow and mini-mart are. You give yourself the experience of both. Take a moment to … Continue reading Welcome to the head of the pin