Ask to see Scott Hotalen as he Is Thanks to my friend Scott Hotalen, who invites me to mention him. Let's look at personal interaction. Personal interaction seems to be from one to another, across the space between them. You perceive a gap between what you call you and what you call the other. This perceived space, this sense of otherness, is … Continue reading Ask to see Scott Hotalen as he Is

See through You have been leaning upon judgment. As you become more willing to be happy, you also become more willing to notice and admit to pain. Any instance of any kind of pain is always caused by leaning upon judgment for security. Judgment promises security, but it has none to deliver. Judgment, delivered by ego, … Continue reading See through

Seeing through drama Everything is all set up for you. Everything is perfectly set up for you because you are worthy. This means that as you step into your day, there is no error in what you encounter. If what you seem to encounter brings you joy, it ushers you along a joyful path. If what you … Continue reading Seeing through drama

Seeing is allowing Seeing is believing. What will you see today? Will you see with the body's eyes and place ego's interpretation upon your seeing? Or will you go within and see what is Real? Will you allow what is within to guide all your thinking and perceiving today? Do you prefer the pain of reacting from … Continue reading Seeing is allowing

You bless them by seeing them as they Are You have the power to bring blessings into everyone's lives. The world you see is entirely up to you. The versions of the characters you experience--they're all completely obedient to your current perception. The film Nanny McPhee is an excellent demonstration of this. As she first appears, Nanny McPhee seems difficult to look at, certainly … Continue reading You bless them by seeing them as they Are

Remain Here You can't go anywhere. It seems you can go somewhere, but you can't. There is only one where, and it is here. There is only one when, and it is now. The power and purity of this Here and Now can never be overshadowed by a figment or a dream. All you need ever … Continue reading Remain Here

Time to wake up Waking up and remembering who you are means that you remember there is only one true place, no matter what seems to be happening in your world: Here and Now. If you can abide here, even as opinions and assumptions wash up at your shore, then you are keeping your attention in the core … Continue reading Time to wake up

Welcome to the head of the pin

Think of one location--let's call it the head of a pin. This is actually the where of where everything is. All those other locations? You give yourself the experience of this. We  want you to experience how equally wondrous a meadow and mini-mart are. You give yourself the experience of both. Take a moment to … Continue reading Welcome to the head of the pin