Do you feel inspired to help?

Elizabeth is on the right

Hey, everyone. My friend Elizabeth, a fellow awakening soul, is visiting my home this week. She is a petsitter and housesitter who goes where Spirit leads her, trusting that her needs will be met moment-to-moment. She has learned a lot about trust and faith. I have included a review below.

Elizabeth will be on her way to my home tomorrow, and she needs some assistance with buying food while traveling. She also has ongoing needs for money for groceries, travel, and just the essentials of everyday life, so any amount is welcome.

If you have felt appreciation for the messages I share here and if you feel moved, can you send her a donation?
Venmo: @Elizabeth-Hill-888, same email

Elizabeth begins a new housesitting on December 14 and is open to travel options until then. If you feel inspired to host her or connect with her in some way, you can find her here:

Many thanks! 💚✨


Review from a homeowner in Twickeham, London:

Elizabeth house sat for me for the year 2020, and what a year that was! I had made a decision to put the house into the Syrian Refugee Resettlement scheme and had already moved out and arranged for builders to come and do the work needed to make the house compliant to the fire-safety standards needed for the scheme. This meant quite a lot of building and electrical work, and oh Gosh, was I naive about how long it would take! I met Elizabeth at St. Michaels Convent the year before while there on silent retreat. Although I did not know her very well, I felt that she was the right person to ask to house sit for me after talking with her and seeing her at the convent and all she did there for the nuns and the guests. (Especially her exquisite flower arrangements and displays).

I asked her to look after the now mostly empty house in Twickenham, London, UK. I could not often get to the house myself (hello 2020! I was on lockdown in Westminster). And so circumstances forced me to trust her with envelopes stuffed full of ginormous amounts of cash to pay the builders! And not only did she pay the builders, day after day, she was there to let them in. Or more often than not waited for them when they didn’t turn up.(Unfortunately very common for British contractors!). She did this with such good grace that the contractors even took her out for a Proper English Breakfast at one point.

It is thus quite literally true that I could not have gotten the house ready without her. But the most beautiful thing was when the refugees were going to make their first visit, she found things in charity shops (the house was really very empty) to put on the shelves and put out bouquets of flowers from the garden so that they would walk in and feel it was home. She made herself absent on that day too, so it was not about her, it was a gift. And that is the best thing about Elizabeth. She is a gift. If you invite her into your house she will keep it in perfect order. And you will probably want to keep her as a friend from that time on as I have.

The Syrians are settled in now, and my husband and I followed our dream to live on a houseboat!

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