Looking through fiction to fact

All power is encompassed in this instant. All true power is benign and wholly shared. All power is accessible to all in this moment. Ego thoughts would contradict these truths, and tension tells you that you listen to ego as it contradicts truth. When you listen to and believe thoughts from ego, you would rather see a fantasy of what isn’t instead of acknowledging what is.

When you notice tension or stress, you are noticing your preferred perception setting. Tension means that you have chosen strife, and the world is the canvas that reflects this back to you. You can back out of the perception of strife each time you realize you have chosen it. As you realize that you have been preferring strife, your preference can change. Willingness to have your perception changed solves all problems perceived, because all problems are just that–a perception.

Pay attention to the purity of this moment. This purity is always fact. When you feel disturbed when you look upon the outer, that is fiction. Learn to lean upon fact in all things. Fact is always underneath anything the ego tells you is fact. In any moment, you can remember shared purity as the most true thing about that moment.

You will seem to meet many analyzers of fiction, because you have preferred to analyze fiction. You’re just meeting your mirrors. It’s just a reflection of the past. You can always focus on Now, where all are united and innocent in fact.

You don’t have to judge or argue with or prove yourself right in comparison with a past reflection. Look through the layer of past and fiction in anyone or anything you look upon. Look through to the ever-present innocence of Now. Here is your peace. Here is your resting place. Rest here, and you prefer peace. When you prefer peace, that is what you see.

Focusing on this instant calls everything in your experience into alignment with divine will. This instant holds all the guidance you need for every situation in which you find yourself. Trust in divine will, and all unfolds peacefully.

We dwell in this instant, and we know you have never left this eternal, shining peace. It is our joy to see you remembering what you never left.

3 thoughts on “Looking through fiction to fact

  1. It feels like we are wearing masks and getting upset our masks are not appreciated or frowned upon – just have to throw it away and see that we are all the same glorious smile in the heart of love.

    Thank you soooo much, dear Julie. It is good to remember. Good to come back. Good to choose peace.

    This is sooo beautiful — Trust in divine will,and all unfolds peacefully.

    Thank YOUUUUU again and again and again. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸŒΉπŸ’™πŸ’›β€οΈ

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