Practice 40 – Who are you to me?

Today you will ask to be shown. You are asking your True Self to show you the way things are, and you are building trust in the ability of that Self to guide you through all the differentiation of form.

Begin with a three-minute meditation. Think of all those in your storyline who seem to be other. In your mind’s eye, allow them to approach you one by one.

Ask, Who are you to me?

Each one represents an opportunity to become aware of feeling and thought, an opportunity to release egoic thought and to allow the thoughts of your True Self (and theirs–since you are One) to reach you.

Allow each being playing a role in the healing drama to approach you. Allow the being to communicate who you are to each other. The communication may come in many forms: In words spoken or sent, through emanation, through a feeling received, through shining, through the expression in the eyes, through a smile, through a physical sensation that you receive, through their movement, through pictures they send to you. Be open to communication in any form.

You can also ask the Oneness of us–your True Self–the same question: Who are you to me?

If any fear or disturbance comes up, meet it with this: I ask Love to tell me what Love is. Continue when you feel ready.

End with an intention to become aware of the loving communication amongst beings today. When you see those who appear to be other, ask in your mind:
Who are you to me?

If anything arises to disturb your peace during the day, remind yourself:
When I ask, “Who are you to me?” I ask Love to tell me what Love is.

It is our delight to assist you, and we walk with you at all times. Call on us whenever you need us because you are worthy of the help we love to give.

For further reading, see Conduits for the miraculous

Photo by Jacob Spence on Unsplash

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