Devalue the currency of illusion

When you think something is both important and threatening today, you are immersed in the illusion. You are treating it is if it is more real and more powerful than Love. You feel small, and something other feels big. You are fueling the illusion of separation.

Our invitation to you is to consciously decrease the value and the apparent immensity of the illusion whenever you can. At first you appear to value something more than the illusion. You turn your attention to Love, the isness that permeates all things and can shine through all illusions. You seem to value it more, but Love takes you to a place where you understand that valuing is not even a function you have.

Much like judgment, valuing is another game of pretend. It’s pretending that illusion is real and therefore powerful. Illusion is nothing. Poof, and it’s gone. What truly is–that is the only power there is, and you can call it forth in every moment of your experience.

When you realize that you are valuing and empowering illusion because you feel disturbance of some sort, stop and ask: What is underneath the illusion? What needs no value because it just is? I call upon this power–the power that I am, the power that all others are–to permeate and flow through my experience in this moment.

Illusion is a currency you’re using to continue to blot out the awareness of love’s ever-presence. What if you stop using this currency? One way that you use this currency is thinking that you have to be loving, that you have to be the enactor of love. Even in this, you separate yourself from what you are. You put a gap between your perceived self and love. This perceptual gap is what love will close for you if you allow it.

When you stop using the currency of illusion, there is forgiveness. In understanding what is real and what is not real, you understand that you don’t have to pick up any particular aspect of the illusion and value or devalue it. It is all illusion. If all of the five-sense experience is illusion, do you turn back to illusion for guidance? Where do you go? There is only one place to go–to yourSelf, to the united Self, to the Christ. The united Self in apparent movement and change is called the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a concept of movement and change that will serve you as long as time appears to be a facet of your experience. The Holy Spirit is that which seems to move this part and that part, bringing them into a reflection of harmony.

The Holy Spirit is not other than you or anyone else. The more you understand that you are not other than anyone else, the more you allow yourself to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit–our harmonic voice, your true voice. Be willing today to set down a voice that speaks of separation so you can hear a voice that speaks of our Wholeness in very practical ways. This voice will tell you to turn left or turn right. It will tell you to go here or to go there, beyond all concept, very simply, very lovingly.

The Holy Spirit of us all is a voice you hear more and trust more as you learn to set the illusion down, and set it down again, and set it down again. Eventually, you’ll stop picking it up again. You’ll only want to hear one thing, and it’s Our shared voice.

When you stop using the currency of illusion, you are forgiving. You are giving up the illusion. When you give up the illusion, you are allowing. You are allowing all things to be as they are in this moment within the illusion, and you are allowing the transformational power of love to express itself through you.

When you allow all things to be as they are right now without resistance, you are placing the illusion in the hands of the only thing that is real. You are allowing yourself to be led through it and out of it, and you allow yourself to become a beacon that shows others the way Home.

We are walking with you the whole way, showing the beacon light that is shining at the center of all others, and assisting you in bringing the expression of that light into your world. We thank you for your willingness to set down your blinders today.

Photo by Inga Gezalian on Unsplash


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