Before action, fall in love

We ask you to fall in love today. We ask you to fall in love with each gesture, each movement, each breath, each apparent happening, knowing all is perfection. When we ask you to fall in love, we ask you to soften, to look through each gesture, each movement, each breath, each apparent happening, seeing the perfection that has always been there. When you are soft, you are open. When you are open, that perfection you are is granted permission to animate form, to transform.

A remembering is an allowing. It’s an allowing something to seem to return to you, but that something never left. Instead, you have been using effort, autonomy and a sense of struggle, pain and suffering to block it out. In order to allow remembrance, you have to put down your doing, your implementing, your pushing, your organizing. Look at the word:
You are re-member-ing. You are allowing all of the apparent separate parts to be put back together in your perception. They have always been together. The only place there have been separate (and therefore vulnerable) parts is in your chosen mode of perception.

So we have asked you to put down your doing, your implementing, your pushing, your organizing. It is a worthwhile sacrifice, especially because it is a sacrifice of nothing at all. A struggle against a threat has never been real because threat has never been real. You can feel when you are struggling and pushing. You can feel when you perceive a threat. This is you attempting to block out what terrifies you. This is you attempting to put something between you and Love. Because you are love, this is impossible, but you do have the ability to live within a role-playing game where suffering, pain and struggle seem real.

Now is your opportunity to do a neat little trick. Now is your opportunity to remember what you have been up to the whole time, so you simply allow the forms of fear you have projected to dissolve all around you.

We invite you to a fanciful image much like a child would invite you to a tea party.   There is magical fairy dust sprinkled over everything in your world, but in order to let it take effect, you have to stay still. When you allow the fearful action to subside, and you wait to see what will come through you, the world seemingly outside of yourself is allowed to transform. You only have the patience to stop and wait when you have seen very clearly the innocence and unified identity of all. So invite yourself to see. Affirm your willingness to see.

Whenever you feel the push-push-push, the tension, the restlessness, the discomfort, it is your signal. Making your world in the image of the past–which is what you seem to do when you allow what you are to be employed in service to the illusion–doesn’t feel good. The illusory world you made would tell you that feeling better is about accomplishing or changing or rearranging or becoming worthy. And thus the struggle, the making, continues.

When you learn how to consciously set down your making, you allow what is to emerge in form. It’s all about being aware of how you feel, stopping, taking a breath, resetting, checking in, allowing.

This birthing process, this transformation, is only about allowing what always has been to come into view. It is never something you have to struggle to bring forth. When you relinquish the anguish that has never been real, you allow the love everyone is to become apparent, to be felt by many.

Every moment you return to stillness for guidance, we are there, removing distortion from your awareness. Your on-call, 24/7 energetic masseuses never tire, so make full use of us. It is our joy to help you remember your joy.

Photo by Joseph Gruenthal on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Before action, fall in love

  1. This is so beautiful. The struggle and anguish and letting go – but what about spiritual striving. The desire to be one with God forever and ever. In moments of meditation, in nature, in prayer, in playfulness I know i feel and am one with everything. But then is that it? What about the peace that passeth all understanding, dissolving my ego in love – forever? Is that dream/desire too an illusion of the mind? Is there nothing beyond the sweet presence of this moment. Thank you so, so, so very much for the depth of my heart for your sharing and wisdom. Love and gratitude 🙂

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