For those of you who have read about my personal journey, I wanted to let you know that my mom released the body on New Year’s Eve. I felt very strongly early that morning an expansive sense of joy, and it was at that moment that it seemed to me she released.Β  During that day, the body wound down and eventually stopped.

I feel so much appreciation for the many ways my mom expressed love while she used a body to communicate. One was her beautiful gardens. I always think of her when working in my own or when choosing a flower photo for a post. She still Is, and I appreciate her presence deeply.

I wrote this morning’s post intending to include an update, but I got so caught up in the message that I forgot. She was scheduled to be moved from the hospital into a hospice facility very close to my house. In fact, she would have been in the medivan on her way there right now. My family was very grateful for the opportunity, and now I feel moved to volunteer at Mercy House. Isn’t it perfect how life points us in exactly the right direction? I am coming to appreciate that more and more.


16 thoughts on “Update

  1. Much gratitude to you, Julie, for sharing your and your mother’s experience as she transitioned back to spirit. How beautiful the process can be as we love and allow. Thank you for being that example. I’m thrilled to hear that you’re going to be volunteering at Mercy House. You have so much to give. Oceans of love to you, Jennifer

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  2. I am so very grateful for you and Being part of your Journey…..it is a great honour…..gardens….Life….what a beautiful way to remember your Mom…..the Divine guidance is magical….sending to you much Love Julie!

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  3. Dear Julie, of course I wish to offer my heartfelt condolences. But, also I am so grateful to know you have had the ability to spiritually connect with your Mother and understand this experience so well. You have Blessed us all in the sharing of it! It is so helpful to those moving on to have someone that is able to assist spiritually in the crossing. Your work at Mercy House will be of tremendous value to so many! On their behalf, I thank you. Sweet Blessings and very much Love from my Heart to your Heart. Betty πŸ’ž

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