We’re waiting at the stream

Hello. Thanks for meeting us down here at the stream. As you can see, the sunlight is mild and gentle. The air temperature is very comfortable, and the water is very soothing. Come on in. Join us. This is a wide and gentle brook. There are flat stones to stand upon. There are patches of soft silt. There are pools to wade in. Explore. Notice the beautiful foliage surrounding us, the wildlife. The animals in the forest, the insects, frogs, butterflies and turtles. And you.

There is a flow to access and abide in. It is constant. Its nature is gentle. It is peace. But what about the rapids of life? Sometimes when you want very much to return to us in this place, you ask for something to save you, to come and scoop you out of your present perspective, so we are always by your side as what you asked for comes to you. It can feel very much at times that you are caught up in the rapids or even stuck between two rocks as the water swirls higher and higher about you.

It can feel that way, but now you have been to the stream.  You have walked in it. You have felt its healing waters. So now that stream is always there for you, and the perspective coming from the gentle stream is dominant. It dominates naturally. It can’t do anything else, like bubbles floating to the top of a drink. The perspective of the gentle stream never needs an ego to advocate for it. It just does its thing. It just connects to and enhances the biggest part of everyone, which is the harmonious part. It brings that into view for everyone.

If you allow that perspective right into the middle of a raging rapids situation or a stagnant water situation or even a drought situation, you will see that perspective predominating. It is a lot of fun. That is why you have reason to relax, enjoy, indulge your enthusiasm, rest, dance and play. There is no reason not to. You’ve got this. No matter what seems to be happening, you’ve got this.

Abiding in the stream here with us means that you don’t place a value on outcome. The things of the world mean little, but how you feel means a lot. Because you allow yourself to feel, those situations and events that best promote healing come up. You allow all things. You allow all things because you realize how gently and deeply you are always held in love, and you share this perspective with others energetically, by your very being. As you share this perspective with others, circumstances can align very quickly.

The body is a tuning fork. It can resonate to joy and pain. It is always possible to choose one over the other. One is true, and one is an invention chosen for the purpose of experiencing separation. With what will you resonate? When you find yourself humming along in pain, what do you do? As soon as you find it possible to do so, appreciate. Appreciate how you block the sun through intention. You have been encouraged many, many times to do this–to choose fear and pain over love, but it has always been your choice.

Know that the pain is temporary. Know that it is your choice, a habit lingering from the perceived need to self-protect and self-define. Remember that the joy was prior to the pain. The joy is foundational and real. The pain is invented and chosen over the real. Notice as the feeling recedes and eases. There you go. Another practice session. You will set this down. You are setting this down.

Each time you emerge from pain with intention, you are helping others to find and follow these same patterns. Energetic patterns and ways of being are shared. As you find your solution, others will find their solutions, too.

The body is the perfect instrument for the extension of love into and within the illusion. When you understand the opportunity to resonate in joy at all times, the extension of love is effortless.

Is there any need to see a body–any body–as unworthy? What need would that be? That is the ego’s function of separating and distinguishing one from another, assigning different values to each. You can move through the day promoting ego’s agenda, believing what ego thoughts suggest about the unworthiness of individual ones–your unworthiness, their unworthiness, or you can just place a question mark by those thoughts when you hear them. You don’t have to fight those thoughts. You can just observe them as part of the mechanism of ego. Are you going to place your power behind that mechanism?

Notice those moments in which you perceive an individual body as an agent of harm. Feel the energy of that. Are you willing to release that perception? What could lie underneath that?

As always, when you focus upon your willingness to release distorted perception, you are assisted in releasing what you don’t need. When you release what you don’t need, it’s easier to feel and extend the great joy you are.

We wish you a day of very great ease as you join us in the stream to accept the assistance that is always there for you.

Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash


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