Conduits for the miraculous

The miraculous can come through all of you. We’ve encouraged you to see all you perceive as other as healing beings. We encourage you now to see all you perceive as other as conduits for the miraculous. When you are able to see them that way, you will be able to see yourself that way.

Move through form knowing this, inviting this. All are conduits for the miraculous. Conduits for the miraculous are innocent, pure and whole. They show up in many forms, in many roles. The forms are meaningless and irrelevant. The roles are meaningless and irrelevant. The light they are and always have been is more important than any differentiation among the forms that seem to be separate. Invite the light they are to shine, and that will be your experience. If you are able to invite the light they are to shine, you will be able to experience yourself as shining.

Guidance leads  you to the miraculous. The miraculous transcends all past thought and belief, so it is a great aid in the release of what is not necessary. You can hear guidance when you are willing to release thought and belief that is not necessary. Whenever you experience disturbance of any kind, you know that you are holding onto false thoughts. Those false thoughts are upheld by false beliefs. Those false thoughts and beliefs build up separate personality structures for you and for all those you perceive as other. They keep you in a sameness and a predictability that ego tells you is safe. We invite you to notice when ego is telling you about safety. Notice that you are listening to lies.

Today, notice how you are looking upon others. Do they seem to be the source of something you can get? This perspective was suggested by ego. It is not truly your own. Would you like to become aware of how you truly see all who seem to be other? Go to your willingness. Affirm that you are willing to release false perspectives of others. Notice that what you want is to see all as they truly are.

The bodies are a means of communication in this healing drama. All bodies are conduits for the experience of the miraculous. Remember this function, and you will allow what is true to reveal itself as you move through the healing drama.

When you see all as conduits for the expression of the miraculous, you are unable to judge surfaces, forms & roles. Notice that. You are unable. You are never actually able to judge anything that appears to be outside of you, but you are able to give yourself the illusory experience of it. Are you ready for what is real to reveal itself, to take the place of the illusory? Go back to your willingness and abide there. Listen from that space of willingness.

We rejoice to see you, as we have always rejoiced. It is our delight to share with you the beauty of all your fellows and to see you light up with it as you stay in that open place of willingness.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 40 – Who are you to me?

Photo by Jacob Spence on Unsplash

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