ACIM Reading 40 – A Course in Miracles – T-5.VI

Chapter 5: Healing and Wholeness VI. Time and Eternity Part 1"All the Sons of God are waiting for your return, just as you are waiting for theirs." Part 2"Your patience with your brother is your patience with yourself."

ACIM Reading 39 – A Course in Miracles – T-5.V.5

Chapter 5: Healing And Wholeness V. The Ego's Use of Guilt "The ego's purpose is fear, because only the fearful can be egotistic." I cut the first recording off early, so there are two parts to this.

ACIM Reading 37 – A Course in Miracles – T.-5.II & III

Chapter 5: Healing and WholenessII. The Voice for GodIII. The Guide to Salvation "The Holy Spirit promotes healing by looking beyond it to what the children of God were before healing was needed, and will be when they have been healed." Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

ACIM Reading 36 – A Course in Miracles: T-4.VII to T-5.I

Chapter 4: The illusions of the Ego VII. Creation and Communication Chapter 5: Healing and Wholeness Introduction I. The Invitation to the Holy Spirit "[S]pirit reacts the same way to everything it knows is true, and does not respond at all to anything else."

ACIM Readings 31-33 – A Course in Miracles – T-4.II-IV

Chapter 4: The Illusions of the EgoII. The Ego and False Autonomy "Be patient a while and remember that the outcome is as certain as God." Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash III. Love without Conflict "The Kingdom of Heaven is you." Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash IV. This Need Not Be"I … Continue reading ACIM Readings 31-33 – A Course in Miracles – T-4.II-IV