Focus upon the foundation

All that is experienced is a phenomenon of mind.

There is the back-and-forth chatter of what you consider to be your separate mind, and then there is the collective chatter of what you experience as the shared mind. You have access to all of this information, but in a sort of worship of personhood, you are quite firm about the boundaries between this mind and that other mind. In truth, there are no private thoughts. There are just thoughts.

As you become more sensitive, you realize that you have access to the thoughts of the collective, too. There is something foundational beneath what you consider to be your own thoughts, beneath what you consider to be the thoughts of the collective. Underneath all of this back-and-forth activity, there is something foundational and stable, something that has always been there and always will be there in this same stability.

It is love, of course. We will say this a million times: It is who you are. It is who the other guy is.

You can walk in this world without conflict. It all depends on your choice. Is the conflict too much for you yet? If it isn’t, you continue to cling to the sense of an individual identity and the sense that it is possible to have power over others or to be subject to the power of a separate other. You continue to cling to untruth.

Let’s say that today is the day you let go of conflict. You refer only to the basis of what you are and what all others are. What you contribute to the collective is a pathway to this stability always available to all. You make it easier to reach by living it.

The mind that has recognized the right-now reality of harmony does not bother itself about the phenomena of this world. It knows goodness is. It is ready to serve in any capacity. What blocks you from being ready to serve in any capacity? What sense of autonomy do you still find important? An attachment to autonomy is an attachment to separate self identity and to suffering. Eventually, you tire of it. You want peace above all else. When that happens, you are ready to share peace.

Realizing that peace is all you want–that is waking up from the dream of conflict you have been dreaming. It appears that you continue to walk through this dream with all its phenomena. How much do you allow a dream to scare you after you have recognized that it is a dream?

No matter what the phenomena are that surround you, there is one question to ask: How shall I serve? How shall I serve the awakening of all in this moment? How shall I share peace? What will I do to extend the love that everyone is? How can I be the conduit for what has always been here to come into view, into experience?

Ask this question many times a day, and it will be answered many times a day. The carrying out of the answers will take shape and evolve as a flow you trust completely. Once you discover the wholeness of you (which always includes all others without exception), you very naturally trust it.

Ego is programmed to lead a separate you toward separation thoughts, so when you begin to trust in the flow of the wholeness of you, you will also become aware of a lot of ego thoughts designed to put you back into the state of separation believed. Simply see through these thought suggestions. See through them and see through them and see through them. When you are gazing upon the wholeness of us all, the ego thoughts become transparent. Simply question them. Ask if they are true. Ask to see what is underneath this surface disturbance.

When you allow the sense of conflict to drain away, you allow communication with Source, the unconflicted. It can feel like thoughts you are receiving. It can feel like a no-thought flow. The difference is in how it feels. Is there any sense of agitation? If there is, there is something to see through, something to allow to dissolve in your perception, and we will assist you with that. When you focus on allowing all that causes agitation to dissolve, you allow speech and action to come from Source, the unconflicted.

Is this a loss of selfhood? Small-s selfhood–yes. It’s a remembrance of Selfhood–the harmony of the united Self. It’s a release of the fiction of suffering.

The mind heading toward harmony recognizes that speech and action emanate from thoughts believed. We call upon you to focus upon thoughts believed. What are you believing in this moment? What future experiences are you calling to yourself to sort out this conflict? In this moment, can you become curious about what lies underneath a thought of disturbance that you are using clock time to believe? If you become curious about it, you place your focus upon it. If you place your focus upon it, you assist it in coming into experience.

The only thing that could possibly exist under fearful, negative or struggling thought is love. If you go right to the foundation, this is all there is. Every moment of conflict or struggle calls you to this foundation. Focus upon this foundation so it can emerge in your world in the form of joyful experience.

It is our joy to work alongside you as we melt all that isn’t and allow what has always been to come into view.

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

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