Do we need meditation?

I would like to explore something that happened yesterday. While speaking to a group, I brought through the sentence, “He doesn’t need meditation,” and there seemed to be tremendous reactiveness to it. Well, now that I think about it, I was sitting in a yoga studio after a lovely group meditation, so I see how that could have been provocative. Could we go into why I said that?

You translated correctly, but let’s first go to how this experience of feeling thrown off balance was for you. First and foremost, go to where it is for you and accept healing, always.

So when you got what seems to be a forceful pushback after saying that, there was a temptation to feel victimized. The idea of victimhood and also being lost came up in you, and that’s always a great moment to release egoic thought to us, to dissolve that dependence on ego for interpretation. What if you could not feel disturbed when other people seem to feel disturbed?

Also, let’s talk vibration. You anticipated some resistance to what you heard us say, you so you spoke with an emphasis that felt like a push to them. Egoic push, egoic push back, egoic push….and eventually someone will know to stop the egoic pushing. But important to know that you started it, not in a blame sense. In a responsibility sense. This right now is helping you address the ego addiction. If you never take stage directions from ego, you don’t receive that disturbed reflection back.

This is the most important part of this conversation, and we’ll give you a moment to focus on what is true–love. When you focus on what is true, egoic stage directions to emphasize words or to speak in a certain tone will not be heard. Ah, there is the temptation to feel guilty, to identify as speaking wrongly. Remember that those who seemed to push back or insist are angels giving you the perfect opportunity to release what you did now know you were hiding, this tendency to allow ego to dictate tone in an unnecessary energetic push.

Do you want people to like you? Do you want people to be convinced? Can you release these preferences in favor of Truth? Which feels better?

There, now the temptation to turn to guilt for guidance has subsided. Guilt never makes any sense because it maintains separation perception. You have done the most important part now, but we will also speak on the subject of meditation.

We spoke to the vibrational dynamics of the situation that served you. We take a moment to express gratitude for all the actors in that perfect situation. We take a moment to celebrate that the opportunity for healing was seen and accepted.

Now let’s go into meditation. Eventually, you live life in that meditative state. You recognize that the meditative state is your true state of being.

Here’s why no one needs meditation, though. No particular one absolutely needs meditation, and when you insist that it could really benefit any particular one, you push energetically. You don’t need to push because you are actually at peace. So is that other one, underneath the role. You really and truly serve that other one by not seeing them as suffering, by knowing that that other one is playing a role, and that role is truly beneficial for all.

That said, you may be moved to speak of meditation. It won’t come from a place of any disturbance. It won’t come from any place of thinking that another being doesn’t already have everything that being needs. Every being is fulfilled, at peace, in joy, in love. When you know this truth of all beings deeply, you call them back to the awareness of themselves.

When you think they are really and truly suffering instead of enacting a role of suffering, you join them in that suffering. You affirm that suffering is real. Any solution offered from this place keeps all believing that suffering is real. The time to see though that has come right now, and can you see how the angels in that group assisted you so beautifully? So now it’s time to bask in that appreciation for them, to take a sunbath in that light.

So you may or may not recommend meditation to anyone. Meditation does not need to be defined until Spirit calls you to define it. It never needs a defense. It’s simply a pathway Home, but what is called meditation can be experienced in so many ways that are not considered meditative. So keep the focus on the simplicity of allowing Spirit to speak through you. And delight in this newer layer of the subtleties of tone and emphasis. Allow Spirit (the One of us) to dictate all, and you will see that the whole of what you experience as your life will be taken care of for you because of simple willingness. It’s an invitation to put down effort, struggle and strain.

The simple answer to whether or not someone needs meditation in the classic sense is that if they are doing it right now, they need it. If they are not doing it right now, they don’t. If they feel called to it, they need it. If they don’t feel called to it, they don’t. There are so many ways to reach you through form, so many pathways. All are served and all are supported. We can serve and support so much more effectively when you accept healing for yourself first instead of insisting on a this or a that.

And now another moment to feel gratitude for all present at the gathering you attended–all beings equally including yourself who bring you closer to effortlessness. That’s the only way to see everyone, through the lens of the Beauty of the Entirety, of the Whole. You all walk Home together, and you’re always helpful to one another.

We thank you for exposing your dependence on ego so it can be undone for you, with Love for you, in gratitude for what you are and always have been. What you are accepting now can be shared with other minds–right now–and it is a very beautiful thing.

Photo by Jay Castor on Unsplash

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