Light language from Ineke Hemminga: Exploring inspiration

I’ve been talking to my friend Ineke Hemminga about inspiration. Each of us expresses inspiration–the love we are moving through us into expression–in a different way. As we engage in the mode of our inspiration, it uplifts us and opens us up to further communication from our Self–our wisdom that is shared and very powerful.

One of the fascinating modes of inspiration that I’ve seen in action is receiving light language, both by those who speak or sing it and by those who write it or make artistic representations of it.

Ineke has graciously allowed me to share photos of what she receives.  The meaning is whatever it is for you. I felt a great sense of openness, and the diagonal gold lines really spoke to me of cutting through what isn’t real.

ineke1 - Edited

ineke2 - Edited

ineke3 - Edited

ineke4 - Edited

When we receive and express inspiration, it is intuitive. Logic and limits are set aside, and we allow expression to flow from what we are. Our modes of inspiration can look very different. Sometimes those modes are identifiable and noticeable, as in art and writing. At other times, one’s main mode of expression may be in a beautiful home, a mode of personal interaction with others, a garden, a tendency to smile, and ability to chat easily with others. What all of these modes of expression share is joy and flow. Time spent in that joy and flow benefits all of us.

There is no one without a conduit for love’s expression in the world, and it is wonderful to see how love is expressed through each one of us. When we approach our fellow beings as the conduits of inspiration they are, we invite that inspiration out to play in our mutual experience, and that inspiration and joy can flow into all areas of our lives.

Thanks to Ineke for her inspiration, that we might feel and find ours!

9 thoughts on “Light language from Ineke Hemminga: Exploring inspiration

  1. These images are so beautiful….light language! Wow!
    Sometimes i doubt if i should write and more so if i should even share it on my blog – for what is the value?
    Should i not be doing something more “serious” – not just in the sense of contributing to the world and feeding hungry children but also in a spiritual sense, prayers, meditation….your words set my heart at ease.
    Even my little poetry is love — moving through my heart. And my heart nudges me to share it with all the other hearts out there – who care to read. Thank you, yet again for your magical message. 🙏💕

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    1. So glad to hear that! 💚

      I’ve always been told that it doesn’t matter if no one reads the blog. There is such joy in receiving the messages and making them available in case they help others. That’s the important part because we’re bathing in that resonance that we’re sharing across time and space.

      I’ve also been told about what I see as good works (and my friends note how I separate out good works from other works) simply come very naturally when the focus is on joy and on celebration of our fellow beings as being the source of joy and joy itself along with us.

      Love you, Krishnapriya! 💗💗

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      1. What a beautiful concept — receiving in joy and bathing in resonance. Somehow i had this idea i have to struggle to move forward in the path to God – give up the world to move forward in my love for HIm – but there is so much joy in receiving and writing – that i wonder if it is selfish? But now i realize the joy is because it comes from Him – the Cosmos, Universe, the Source of all beauty — and it is a gift to hold with gratitude and share with love. Did i understand you correctly, beautiful Julie. Sorry to keep bugging you! Can’t tell you how happy i have been all day, thinking of your message! Love and Hugggggss 🙂

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  2. ‘What all of these modes of expression share is joy and flow. Time spent in that joy and flow benefits all of us.’ Yes, as you said in another comment, we ‘bathe in the resonance’ and it’s distributed throughout the collective. I LOVE Ineke’s work. Thanks so much for sharing it. ✨✨✨

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