Beautiful and delicious Beautiful, delicious experience comes. And it 's not because of your effort. It's not because you have become good enough. There is not one who has not had experiences like this. In these beautiful and delicious experiences, even if they only seem to last for a second or two, we feel one. We feel … Continue reading Beautiful and delicious

Gentle beams Every time you perceive a problem, it's an invitation to remember the miracle. There is an ever-present remedy, and it transforms the way you see things. When you allow this transformed perspective, you are not relying upon the actions of a separate character to fix problems. Look to the miracle first. Go within to … Continue reading Gentle beams

River of miracles There is a beautiful river flowing, alive within every seeming situation, equally alive and present within every being. It is a river of miracles. Miracles bring ease to your mind because the Light you Are is allowed in. You are the one who allows the Light you Are into your mind, and you do … Continue reading River of miracles

The miracle You do your best work by allowing miracles. The power you are is the power all are. The power you are has no limits. It can accomplish anything. We invite you to use time for the purpose of seeing past all perceptual limits. See the flexibility and power of the miracle, and know that … Continue reading The miracle

The go signal for the miracle True healing is of the mind. If a body seems to heal or a situation seems to improve, this is only a reflection of the mind's healing. If a body seems to be not healed or a situation seems to be bad, we encourage you to drop any judgments about what you think you … Continue reading The go signal for the miracle

Allowing the collapse of time When you allow a miracle, you allow Reality--that which is not of this fantasy world--to come into this world and to rearrange it. You allow what truly is to come into your fantasy and to rearrange its seeming parts for the benefit of all. You allow miracles by dropping judgments and by staying open … Continue reading Allowing the collapse of time

You have given yourself an opportunity In the world that you project with thought, everyone is receiving the same call to go within. You would not serve yourselves with a situation so seemingly large as a pandemic without a great desire to wake up. Your desire to wake up will get you Home. Ego would say that problems are solved … Continue reading You have given yourself an opportunity

Forgive to allow the Miracle The potential for miracles exists in every moment. You are always poised upon a great treasure that eases all pain and sweeps away every perception of obstacle or limit. All are always poised upon this treasure, and it is the most natural thing in the world for all, without exception, to allow this treasure … Continue reading Forgive to allow the Miracle

Witness the Withness We are here to help you with an addiction. We are Mind, as One, although we appear to be approaching you from beyond yourself with help. The place from where we approach is your true dwelling place, where you have been resting in peace eternally, as we do. The place where you believe yourself … Continue reading Witness the Withness

Miracles are easy

Your mind is very, very powerful, and the power of the mind is never unshared. This means that whatever mind activity you have going on, you are sharing that with the collective. Consider this: Something happens in your world, and many people react to it. They seem very concerned with the impact of this event … Continue reading Miracles are easy