We are the symphony

The body is a violin played masterfully by…whom? Could you allow all bodies to be played by that one master who is yourself? Could you agree to see the light of that one master glimmering and then shining and then radiating out of each body? Could you allow life to become a perfect and harmonious symphony? What would you be giving up if you allowed this?

That’s all you can truly do, you know. You can only allow what is to be. All else is illusion. Are you ready to set illusion down? You are holding it in your hand. Are you ready to set it down? Is it precious? Who is the one who values illusion? Who is the one who gives it strength and the sense of reality?

Allow us to be provocative. There is not a thing that you have to do with the body. It will be done. Thy will be done. There is only one will, and that will be done through the body. What do you lose if you see this? It is only thought forms to the contrary that would project out a world where bodies exist in chaos. This whole experience is all thought before it is experienced as physical.

Your perception affects what thoughts you will believe, what thoughts you will attach to. Your perception affects the world you project. It is actually a very simple matter to allow your perception to be corrected. Do you allow it? The only thing holding you back is fear–attachment to a world you think you need to preserve or save, attachment to an identity without which you believe you would not exist at all.

If you think there is anything other than joy…that’s just it. You think there’s something other than joy. You’re devoted to it. This is not wrong. We’re just helping you see how simple it is. As you think and believe there is something other than joy, you collectively project it out into your world, and then you collectively replicate that over time. That is all. You are all very much in charge of your collective experience. Because you think you have to control or manage or suppress the thing that is other than joy, you become completely attached to the illusion you made, fighting the demon that doesn’t actually exist. This is the purpose of time–the extension of what cannot actually be.

Who is the thinker of the thought? Just let that sit there. Just let it come to you.

You are that which encompasses, permeates and flows through the body. You, as you truly are, have no actual cares and concerns of your own. We realize this statement is preposterous in light of the activities of each of your days, but we wanted to offer to you very directly this opportunity to set it all down. Set it all down. All of the cares, concerns and worries. Can you turn it all over, saving not even one for the one you perceive to be your separate self? Can you let go of the volition and control that has only ever been false?

During the course of your day, you decide to believe a great number of things. All suppositions are invitations to body identification. You don’t have to ignore the body. We simply invite you to see it as part of the whole, a whole that moves beautifully in harmony with all apparent other parts. You–as a separate one–don’t need to interfere.

There is a way of following guidance, or just being, without becoming attached to any concept. Are you willing to see this for yourself? Allow us to take you by the hand today and lead you through a new way of perceiving. We thank you for your willingness.

Photo by Baher Khairy on Unsplash

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