Allow the shift into miracles

The thoughts of fear seem to tell you how to be safe. Notice these today. Notice the journeys of effort upon which they will take you–effort and inevitable judgment. We’re not asking or telling you to stop anything. Let all things stop of their own accord when it is time. Simply observe. See. Allow a shift.

When the sense of fear seems to be coming from another, notice if it is setting off any resistance or tension in you. This is the moment. This is your moment. This is the moment when the dysfunction is rearing its head quite clearly, so you can thank the other for the opportunity you’re being given.  This is the moment in which you can accept perception correction, the one in which you can say “yes” to an energetic massage. Everyone, without exception, has a nonphysical team ready to render this service as soon as consent is given. In such moments, do you want to accept the healing always immediately available to all, or would you like to continue in old patterns, in repetitions of ancient cycles?

Any frustration you feel about anything, in any situation, is always because of this: You had an opportunity to emerge from an old cycle, and you didn’t take it. There’s no need to lament, however. You have another opportunity right now. Simply send the call out that you are willing to allow your perception to be corrected. All will happen with perfect timing.

Isn’t this wonderful news? You have a world-changing gift available to you in every moment, without exception. So does everyone else, without exception. The more you recognize and take advantage of this gift, the more others will begin to do the same. It won’t be because you tell them they can do it, although speaking of this may be part of your life story. The sharing in the acceptance of the gift of clarity that has always been available to you will happen because of what you emanate, what you communicate mind to mind.

So when you are looking upon the one who seems to be emanating fear, the most important thing to know about that one is the Beauty of the Safety that is that one’s true identity. Beyond that, if there is any agitation or disturbance active in you, remember your thanks to your divine sibling for showing you so clearly what you can allow to be removed from your experience today. They are always doing their jobs perfectly. So are you.

When you look upon what really is, you allow it to expand because you are choosing it. When you look upon the Truth of who all others are underneath the roles, you allow beautifully differentiated, harmonic, shared identity to emerge in your experience with others.

In order to look upon what really is, you need to use inner vision. When you notice that your judgment of outer vision affects you, take the pathway to inner vision when you feel triggered. Remember always–that other one seemingly “out there” in disharmony with you in some form is only highlighting a healing opportunity for you. That one is highlighting a path back to harmony. Once you accept that healing opportunity, that is when you are able to share healing with others. That is when you are able to thank the one who triggered you to show you the path to healed perception.

As you use inner vision, your experience will reflect Reality back to you. The reflection is in your experience, how you feel about it. The reflection is not in a judgment of how the five-sense experience looks. The means that you show up in any situation at all as the representative of Reality–of peace, harmony and joy. Because that is how you will experience any situation, you can call that experience forth for others, too. This is miracle work–what seems to happen in time before all are united in unified perception.

We are delighted to serve as you step more and more often on the pathway to inner vision, as you learn to stay attuned to inner vision at all times. We give you our most profound thanks for your willingness to serve all.

Photo by Inge Maria on Unsplash

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