This movie is already over

We have good news: You don’t live your life. It certainly feels like you do, but wouldn’t the walking-the-tightrope feeling evaporate if you knew that Life has always lived you? You are Life, and Life shows up as your character. Life also shows up as everyone else’s character. There is only one of us.

If there are no separate ones living lives separately, that means that there are no separate ones to blame. There are no separate ones to triumph over others. Only in a story of separation can it appear that way.

This experience is a movie that was over long ago. So right now, you, as a perfectly differentiated aspect of Life, are tuned into this movie of all possibilities with a particular focus. You have become identified with this focus and believe that you are it.

Within this movie of all possibilities there are many different places to focus from–many different identities, even other dimensions, parallel realities–all of the possibilities that duality can seem to contain. Only none of it has ever been real. You can shift from focus to focus, or you can release the mesmerism of the movie and allow who you truly are to guide you through it and out of it.

Let’s start at the beginning. There can only be a beginning in time. We’ll use the focus of God’s child. God’s child got very curious. God’s one child asked, “What would not-harmony be like?” And what is referred to as the Big Bang happened. God’s one child gave itself the experience of time, duality and separate identity. God’s one and very loved child got lost within the hypnotism of the experience, but at no time was the experience real.

The moment God’s child made an experience of time, limits, and duality, a remedy was offered. A pathway back Home was planted within the dreamworld so it would be be impossible for God’s child to remain lost forever. You are on this pathway Home. If you are on it, so are all others, no matter how it appears, because there is only one of you.

This movie is over, but you can choose to explore within all of the possibilities. This is called free (separate and conflicted) will. You have explored the possibilities, and now you wish to return Home. You are coming to realize that exploration of the possibilities is a perception of distance from Divine Will, and that apparent distance now feels like pain. Alignment with Divine Will–your true will–is your only happiness, and it’s not a weak satisfaction that seems to have a negative opposite. In other words, getting your own way–separate and conflicted will–is no longer fulfilling. It never was.

As a viewer of the movie, you have become completely convinced that you are the character whose story you are watching. Our first words to you were that you are a famous soap opera actress, and we have been following your story with interest. Now you can follow your story with interest, knowing that the character is not You, and the story is just a story. You can allow your Beingness–Love–to flow through your character as you journey Home through the story.

In this choose-your-own adventure-movie, all possibilities have already been scripted and are available for experience. Your projection of concepts of disorder or your allowing the flow of Love are what seem to make different possibilities available for you. As you journey through the already-scripted possibilities, remember your loving GPS. No matter what possibility you seem to be experiencing right now, when you choose for Love, you will hear that “recalculating” prompt. What we’re saying is that it doesn’t matter what possibility you are experiencing. All possible experiences are directly connected to the pathway Home.

Take what seems to be your story lightly–very lightly. There is always a direct route Home from wherever you seem to be. If that’s true for you, it has to be true for everyone.

You can choose the Divine Will route out of the storyline and into the shared experience of Heaven on Earth. Heaven on Earth seems to be where all possibilities have merged and dissolved in Harmony.  Let’s take the parallel realities example, which we’ll grossly simplify. Pretend there are 19 versions of Julie currently active. As you keep choosing for Love, you keep emerging into timelines where you merge with these other Julies, until there is just one left in the Heaven on Earth storyline. That’s what you’re all doing now. You’re allowing the merge in your perception.

More accurately, you’re not doing anything. You’re dropping the idea that separate doers do, and you’re allowing what you are to emerge in your experience. That’s enough to see for now. Figuring it out conceptually is not what gets you Home. Being willing to feel and to choose Love until the experience of choice and conflict melts away–that’s what this is about.

We are with you in every scene of the story that appears to be yours, always ready to laugh with you, always here to assist in clear perception. Enjoy today as you take it lightly and express lovingly.

Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “This movie is already over

  1. Wow. This is the best one yet.
    I’ve been getting deeper into this awareness lately.
    Been watching YouTube videos on non-duality by several persons like Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta, Fred Davis and Jim Newman.
    You must be channeling this. much…amazing…
    Love and take it lightly our soap operas..

    Liked by 1 person

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