You have always been connected

You can feel tension between people. You can feel the edges of personalities and the back and forth of the struggle for dominance, the struggle to be noticed, the struggle to be accepted. You can feel the back and forth struggle of ones that don’t know they are fully accepted and loved right now. You can recognize your separate-self-identity there, too.

Separate wills, separate identities want to present facades, to control and protect. Any tension you feel is about this. You can feel it active in yourself and in others, but now is the time to let it all go and to assist others in their own letting-go processes.

By contrast, you can feel Divine Will–your true and harmonic will–that shows up through you simply and in connection to others. When Divine Will is guiding you, you are not handling others. You are not dominating them, not obeying them. You are simply connected to them and allowing all to flow from your connection. You aren’t struggling to establish a connection, to maintain a connection, to avoid a connection. You simply recognize that you have always been connected.

What you are is transparent, beautiful and glorious. The same is always true for the other guy, of course. This means that you have nothing to hide, and no one needs to hide anything from you. You are your own safe space, and you can show up as the safe space for others so they can discover what they are, too. As you see this truth–that you truly have nothing to hide or to paper over with an appropriate personality–you share the relief of this energetically with others.

A lot of time and energy goes into the maintenance of protective facades called personalities. As you find something that feels better than this constant maintenance of a defense, you are better able to appreciate others as they are. As you are better able to appreciate others, they are better able to appreciate themselves and others. Appreciation always expands and is easily passed from mind-to-mind. It may seem now that the ego thought load is pretty intense, but as you collectively allow love to take over, the intensity diminishes. Appreciation, gratitude and love passed from mind to mind drown out the ego thoughts.

You do this together. You do this for and with each other.  This is enlightenment. It’s a together thing. It’s never been about one guy getting enlightened and everyone else being impressed.

As the realization that there is nothing to fear is passed from mind to mind, you are able to be playful. You will notice people, even as they pass through intense experiences and cleanse at very deep levels, are able to be more and more playful. This playfulness expands, is amplified, and simply takes over. Thank you for allowing this. Thank you for allowing all good things to come to all.

When there is nothing to fear (and the time to fear nothing is always Now), you can be very straightforward. The energy that is you will guide you in speaking from this place of vulnerability, openness, honesty and strength.

We celebrate the dissolution of separate protective facades! Here’s to your waking up to who everyone truly is.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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