All the small selves

Is there anything that you couldn’t allow? Be playful with this. Allow the ideas to arise in your mind.

Did you only think of things you would label as negative, things you seem to fear? Now look a bit deeper. Look at your list of positive things, wanted things, things that seem to be lacking right now. Is there anything that you couldn’t allow? Just notice.

When there is something you cannot allow, it is a pathway to witnessing your allowance of fearful perception, your preference for it. Let’s break this down, s-l-o-w-l-y. The mind will tend to leap and hop and react, so just go slowly with it and stop whenever needed. Take a breath whenever needed.

This is going to be a very boring lecture that ego hates. But you are fascinated by it.

We’ll begin with our statement that you choose fearful perception because you have been taught to prefer it. You were taught that if you defend against things, ideas, conditions and people, you will have your way. You way is what you call peace. So thinking that your way is the highest state there is, you make sure to carve out a circle of peace, safety and thriving for your separate self. Only your separate self is an idol. And those states of peace, safety and thriving are relative. They can be opposed.

Your shared Self is the reality. You blame any tension, stress and fear you experience on a politician, a condition, a physical discomfort, a personal deficiency–something that seems to be responsible for your lack of peace. And then your action in the world consists of trying to keep that circle of peace and safety around yourself through defensiveness–keeping out the other and cherishing/worshipping the small self. Even if you do not believe you worship your “own” small self, you worship through the cult of the belief in the power of separate small selves, of small selves seeming to triumph over situations, conditions or people.

In insisting on small self perception, you place the perception of fear in front of what you would see if you allowed fearful perception to be taken from you. We put it this way so you won’t place ego in charge of doing the hard work of making fear go away. When you are willing to allow what truly is, you allow what you have used to block your awareness of love’s ever-presence to be removed from your experience, from your way of looking at everything.

We invite you into the Flow, and we take your fear at the door. Will you give it up? Is it so precious? We invite you to see the ways in which you see fear as precious and practical. Every time you see this in your daily life, you have an opportunity to sit with us for a moment and to allow us to take what you don’t need. To be clear, each one of you has a very loving nonphysical team surrounding you at all times. We are always there as you open your hands to see the fear you have been holding onto, thinking it’s useful, even essential. And we take whatever you allow us to.

Celebrate the fact that we are takers and not givers. We take what you have used to block your awareness of what you have always had. We cannot give what we have always shared equally–peace and harmony. It has always been yours. Our job is simply to help you see that.

When you’re willing to allow all things, beyond all ideas of defense, you’re willing to allow the best self of each person to approach you. When you allow fear to be taken from you, you cease projecting disorder upon the world. When you get out of the business of ranking and analyzing and making predictions about personalities, you get a chance to meet the beautiful beings who have been shimmering behind the surface all along. When you don’t need to extract anything from another personality or operate in any particular way upon any other, you can simply enjoy your shared beingness together.

Allow yourself to see that all things are actually flowing in one direction. All is flowing toward harmony. All is flowing toward the remembrance of love. Even when it looks like disorder, it’s always the perfect alarm clock. It’s always the perfect chance to see how you have been holding onto fearful perception. Whatever you think is fearful “out there,” it’s only mirroring back to you what you’re still finding functional. It’s always a wonderful opportunity to say to us, “Hello, I acknowledge your presence and your function! From now on, I want to see clearly. I want only love’s perception, which is our shared perception. Please take what I no longer need.”

Allow all feelings. The good ones represent the flow of what we are together. The disturbing ones are perfectly timed alarm clocks–always for you. Allow all thoughts to float up to the surface where they can be embraced and enfolded in the light you are, the light everyone else is. These thoughts come from the pool of human thought activity. They are not actually yours until you believe them and start to build more complex thought structures upon them.

Don’t blame yourself for any thought that presents itself to you. Instead, notice when you believe one disturbing thought, and then you use that as your foundation for projecting disorder in your world.  It’s very easy to stop when you see what you are doing. When you see what you are doing, call upon us. This is not for ego to manage. Let ego rest. We will remove whatever you don’t need, whatever you’re willing not to manage.

Here’s to the end of micromanagement that never worked! It is our honor and our delight to assist you as you remember the assistance that is freely given and always available.

Photo by Omar Albeik on Unsplash

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