Day 1 – Noticing feeling

The Relationship Process
Day 1 – Noticing feeling

Identify the person who seems to bring up negative feeling within you. Identify the feeling that seems prominent.

Address the person in writing or in thought:
[Name], thank you for helping me become aware of my feelings. You are part of my healing journey. Today I notice that I feel ______________.

When this person comes to mind for the rest of the day, remember this:
[Name], you are helping me to become aware of my feelings. You are part of my healing journey.

Now tell yourself this:
I have noticed what I am feeling, and that is an important part of healing. I am willing to see how all things are part of my healing journey. My work is perfect and complete for today.

Photo by Hoang Le from Pexels

4 thoughts on “Day 1 – Noticing feeling

  1. Gorgeous process. I use a version of this process myself with my greatest teacher at the moment, my husband. I’ve been on this journey of healing and expanding through the tool of relationship with him since 2012. He doesn’t know it but doesn’t need to. Self and other self are one, as you know. One of my favorite parts of this tool of expansion is focusing on aspects of him which I can identify with a deep love – compassion, empathy, understanding. I use the power of focus to grow that in our experience, in my experience. And the healing I feel and the change I observe is profound. I call it Growing Flowers of Love. Anyway, I’m so looking forward to all that comes through you about this process. Love, love, love Jennifer

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