Following a lifeline out of the dream of a life story

The dream that you call your life has an internal logic. Within the dream, it appears that this causes that and that causes this. If you subscribe to this internal logic rather than knowing, love and truth, you will keep the dream going. Keeping the dream going doesn’t feel good, however. If you make feeling primary, you cannot stay lost in the dream because it simply won’t feel right. Make feeling primary, and feeling is a lifeline that you follow out of the dream of your life story.

You were meant to emerge from the dream. The instant you made the dream, a remedy for the dream was supplied. When you make feeling primary, it is your indication that you are ready to emerge from the dream.

There is no need to become logically convinced that what you regard as your life story is a fiction and who you think you are within this dream is not real. You don’t have to believe it. You only have to begin to remember who and what you have always been. Feeling gets you there. You can feel when things do not seem right. You can feel when you hear the call of Home.

No matter how attached you have become to this dream you call your life story, you never forget the call of Home. That’s why you seem to value the positive over the negative in this dream. The relative positive is still a counterfeit form of the joy you are. It was intended to substitute for the full and free joy you remember. Still, however, you experience the Joy you are within the dream. It isn’t dependent on any conditions. It just Is. The more you are willing to experience it, the more you can experience it and share it with others. The more attention you put on the joy you are, the more the dream falls away around you. It fades into insignificance, so you simply walk through it as the Joy you are, knowing it is the Joy all are, regardless of conditions and appearances. You call them Home as you have been called to return.

Something feels better than the endless changeability of the dream, and all you have wanted is to feel better. The changeless feels better than the endless changeability of the dream. When you simply refer to the changeless as your foundation moment to moment, you are able to float through this dream with a light heart and a mind open to guidance.

Follow the call of the Heart, and continue to detach from all facets of the dream. Your foundation is sure, strong, and changeless, and we will never cease our call for your return Home.

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

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