Lights, camera, forgiveness

I don’t usually introduce my messages, but can I just say Wow? Wow. It’s big. I’m not quite coherent at the moment, but I feel like Ed Sullivan. I want to tell you that there’s going to be a really big show, and today’s message helps us remember that it’s not just a big show. It’s a beautiful show that opens hearts, and we’re all being prepared for our perfect roles within it. Thank you for all you’re doing. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing yet, you’re still doing it, and you’re carrying it out beautifully. Don’t let a single surface fool you. You are truly doing a wonderful job.


Let’s look at the tremendous, amazing feat you have agreed to accomplish in this lifetime. You have agreed to accomplish the feat which is no feat at all, because it is actually the movement of the Whole. When looked at from the perspective of the
separate self, however, what you have already made great progress in doing is a feat.

We’ll stay there for a moment. You agreed to enter a world that would indicate to you everything that is false, and you agreed to allow truth to trickle and stream and flow and radiate and shine out into that world through you. You agreed to become so powerful in your truth sharing that you draw it forth from every person and molecule you encounter. You agreed to activate truth everywhere. You agreed to activate joy everywhere. You agreed to activate innocence everywhere and everywhen.

Because you were entering the world of the separate, you needed a tool to show up as another separate thing. If you didn’t show up as distinct, you wouldn’t fit in. The tool is the body. It isn’t you. Imagine becoming convinced that you are your clothes. Imagine becoming convinced that you are the vehicle that you seem to be limited to, contained by, and traveling in.

You are so much more than the body. The body is not excluded from who you are, as who you are encompasses all the separate things, but the body is merely a specific tool doing its job perfectly. In going into a world where fear had been chosen for the experience of separation, you needed to show up in and as a vessel attached to fear and identifying as separate. Congratulations–you did it very thoroughly! We have you placed everywhere, and by that we mean that we have planted many seeds in many places. Many, many seeds. And now they are slated to bloom.

Now you bloom. Now you glow. Now you emit. Now your frequency sings and dances and blends and reminds others identifying as separate that they have a choice about their frequency, and they can let all that weight and doubt and fear go. You are a singer of energy, and more and more energetic voices are joining you. You are a siren of sorts, but you only call others to their happiness, what they’ve always wanted more than the world they are hiding in. You are calling them past all the doubt and fear–a warm and friendly voice from a Home they will recognize.

If you perceive the body as your own, you are seeing it as only yours. You are seeing yourself as separate. This was the first amazing feat you accomplished. You actually convinced yourself that you were separate, and that was essential to the plan. To move energetically from the level of identifying as separate to identifying as the Whole of All, as God’s child, as inextricably united at all times with the Creator, you must expand. But go back to where you contracted. As you contracted, you made connections from that separation, across that separation, with many souls. And now, as you expand and allow fear and doubt to arise to the surface and fall away, you stay connected to your fellow beings and invite them into expansion with you.

The more you expand, the stronger and more appealing your invitation gets. The stronger and more appealing your invitation gets, the more your sisters and brothers can expand with you. We could say that the body is the tool whereby connections for healing and expansion are established, but it’s more true to say that the body is a tool for revealing the connections that have always existed between and among all brothers and sisters.

When you’re revealing the connections that have always existed between and among all brothers and sisters, you’re revealing the fabric ofย  the Peace that always is. As you make this visible and tangible and accessible to others, they can come to see that they have constant access to this energy and this experience, regardless of what is happening around them.

Regardless of what is happening around them.
We don’t often shout, but…

This is key, and you are so close, and what celebration to discover this! Peace is. Joy is, and it’s always very simple. You always have access to it, and what is happening doesn’t interfere with that at all, unless you are hypnotized by it. Once you learn to drag your gaze from it and simply abide where you have always been, in the joy of that, your world and your experience are allowed to shift in very significant ways. It is allowed. Feel that spirit of allowing. That right there–that’s the winds of change that you are feeling. You allow them.

When people discover how they can emerge right up out of whatever seems to be limiting them right now, and theyย are discovering it, what joy! In the presence of such joy it just has to expand, and it will finally be allowed to.

Here is one way allowing can be slowed down.

I have to interrupt. Such chills and vibrations in the body as I am writing this. I feel so strongly the sense of arrival. It’s as if we’re arriving on the scene of a great battlefield, but there’s no battle at all. There’s only Love and the expansion of it. Nothing at all happens, but still it looks in the world as if certain forces have been defeated. Such…I can’t even put it into words. I think I would rather climb to the very top of something high in my community and shout out, “This is IT, People! We DID it! And now we only expand from here. It’s incredible! You don’t even know yet, BUT IT’S INCREDIBLE SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL START DANCING NOW. AND NEVER STOP!”

Okay, back to you. I think. But I am so excited.

Could we say joyous? A major shift has been accomplished, and yet accomplishment means nothing. But we come out of this gradually, and we use physicality and the things of time to emerge from time.

First, however, we bask awhile in time in joy. It is the transition from the nightmare to the happy dream, and this is what has you so excited. What feels like incredible now is simply your new normal. And you expand from there. And then find another new normal. And another one. It seems to happen in steps.

We will speak for a bit of what is happening in your world, which we don’t often do. We have focused very strongly on finding your own power and blossoming into that, but it is now time for a slightly bigger picture. You have been inviting. You have been inviting all minds to truth, and now minds are aligning. They are coming into truth together. All minds are coming into truth together.

Seriously, almost can’t write because I am so distracted by the tingles. I suppose I will get used to my new normal!

Please keep this in mind as you witness many minds drawing situations and events to them that will reveal them to the world as doers of a very great wrong. You will either react or respond to news of all sorts. When you respond, you help the happy dream come faster. When you react, you hold it off for a bit, but it can’t be held off. We’re just giving you some tips that will ease your way.

Okay, so let’s say tomorrow, thus and such is revealed about Person A, and it’s really shocking. It’s so shocking that the news knows it can milk and milk and milk it for all of the juicy reactiveness it can squeeze out of it. And then the next day more is revealed about Persons C, B & D. And at first this looks to be far away. But then it moves a little closer. Let’s say it moves to your state government level. And there are even more people implicated in twenty kinds of wrongdoing. And then people in your community. And then people down the street.

You are going to be playing such a wonderful role in this because you know how profoundly good this news is. The wrongdoers themselves attracted situations and events that would reveal their wrongdoing to the world IN GREAT SERVICE TO THE WORLD.ย  Look at the beings of light these “guilty” brothers and sisters actually are, without exception. They are playing roles they don’t even know they are playing. They got so deep into the game of trying to control all from the perspective of a separate self, trying to push the unifying power of love away, but they got so deep into it in order to blossom from that place.

They can blossom far more easily and more quickly with your forgiveness, your recognition of their costumes, your recognition of the exquisite role-playing of even their victims, who are also beings of light. Even and especially their victims. You agreed to roles in this lifetime that would blow this illusion out of the water, and you’re doing that together right now. All of the beings of light are working together for the highest good and that includes the ones who are showing up as villains right now. On a conscious level they won’t know this at all, but because you do, you are drawing their minds toward healing right now.

As it turns out, every person on the planet will appear to be a victim of what they put into place for their own ends, but those are more perfectly placed roles. You’re here to see that you could never be truly limited by anything, not without your agreement to experience limitation together.

So as this news comes out and people are going to be talking about how horrible, horrible, and how terrible, terrible, and what an awful place the world is, and how they must be punished, you will be forgiving because that will be the obvious choice. There will be a point at which it will even be difficult to find judges to preside over these cases in courts of law because a number of judges themselves will have drawn to themselves the circumstances and events that cause them to be revealed as wrongdoers.

We say again that this is perfectly timed and that there is a being of light who actuallyย is the one being represented by the body and the history of actions. Don’t be fooled. This is a time for forgiveness, for freeing those minds. This doesn’t mean that they won’t experience some form of punishment. But even the circumstances of those punishments are perfect for healing the minds of the ones who are going to be revealed as wrongdoers on a massive and pervasive scale.

I never write about this, and yet it is just flowing out of my fingers.ย It feels like…hang on for the ride. Whee!!

They are also your loved ones. They are your loved ones right now, always beloved of your creator, and their minds cry out for healing. Remember that as they are revealed, they revealed themselves. They drew those circumstances and events to them, and they are perfect for their healing.

For those wrongdoers and victims who seemed to die during this process, you are here, moving this world into the collective experience of love that will embrace and heal them upon their respawn. There is truly nothing to fear and nothing to worry about.

Your being aware of what is truly happening as it looks like your world is falling apart–just the crumbling of an old foundation and the arising of the true and always stable one–will be the calming balm that helps everyone function efficiently and with compassion, with every kind of personal breakthrough as you take all of the invitations for growth and expansion these events bring to you.

Dare I even ask when? I want to laugh right now. You want to say SOON.

It’s happening right now. It’s happening right now. And as far as when it will be revealed, you decide. Will you hold it away out of fear? Will you delay what will ultimately be so beneficial to all? Allow those sweeping away events to come into your lives, to come into your world. They come toย heal, toย reveal. They do not come to reveal that anyone is a victim or that anyone is truly bad. They are a tremendous opportunity for people to learn this on a mass scale. Mass forgiveness. People are going to move into forgiveness rather deeply and quickly. That’s the picture we can give to you now because that is the potential. But yes, the potential and timing can change.

We can give you a sure answer whenย you are sure. Do you see how that works? But when you are wiggling all over with various potentials, you have that room to wiggle. You’re wiggling less as you come into alignment with divine will. That is why we can speak of this now.

We can also speak of timeline shifts. In timeline shifts, some or all of this never happened at all. We have to be careful in speaking of your jumping on to new timelines because from your separate-mind perspective you can put pressure on a separate (and fictional) self to figure out how to jump timelines quickly so none of this ever happened.

That’s where you’re headed, through forgiveness. Allow everything to work together. Know that all events are happening with perfect timing. If something “bad” appears to be revealed in your world, it’s a learning opportunity. It didn’t pop up because you failed to go deeper sooner and jump into a timeline where it never happened. We have to go beyond a failure paradigm here because you have all succeeded, profoundly. When we say all we mean the entire cast of characters–villains, victims, bystanders, samaritans to appeared to help, cowards who appeared to do nothing. You’re all succeeding in emerging from what you constructed collectively. You’re emerging out of those roles into truth, and you’re doing it together.

So if a bad thing appears to be revealed in your world, that is not a failure to jump timelines. It’s an instructional aid as you all learn how to forgive, go deeper, and jump together onto more and more expansive and joyful timelines, leaving that magnetic attraction behind you that draws others to jump, too. You’re all going to end up in the same place, but there’s some choreography along the way. Trust it. You are always in the perfect place for your highest learning. You are always loved and supported.

What you’re all learning is what is and what isn’t. It’s very simple, but from your perspective, it’s huge. What isn’t? Your world. It was made by you as a place to hide away from love, as a place to feast upon a weak substitute because you are afraid to return Home to feast at your Mother’s table. Your world isn’t. It is an illusion. It is a dream. It is a place to believe you are what you aren’t. It’s a place to believe that you’re a body that can die. What is? Love, peace, joy–unending and forever. Forever expanding, forever creating. So every event is going to assist you deeper and deeper into that creation energy, into divine will, and all this magical timeline stuff will seem to happen by itself with no effort or fretting from you.

So it becomes very simple now, no matter what is happening in your world. You simply allow what is–peace, love and joy–to extend to and through the body. That’s the whole day. Allowing. All specific things in accordance with divine will come to you through allowing. The way is easy and without effort.

So what is the body? What is the significance of the body? It’s not a device for enhancing a separate sense of self. It’s not a device for drawing attention to a separate self. It’s not a device for satisfying appetites. It’s here to do exactly what it’s doing already. The only difference is that you know it is perfection now. In that allowing of anything at all, divine will can speak to you more clearly about opportunities to speak or act in accordance with divine will–your true will.

The body is a tool to be employed on behalf of the freedom of all minds. The body is an avatar. It’s being outpictured in a certain way because of what you haven chosen, and it’s all perfect. Once you know, and know deeply, that your true will can speak to you throughout the day, and listening to true will feels better than any substitute you’ve tried to arrange, it all becomes very simple. You turn the body over to your true will, trusting that it’s for the highest good, and it is.

The body is always held in Love. Do you choose to experience it that way? When you turn everything over to divine will, you will see this more and more. You will see how all bodies are held in Love at all times, and you can surrender them to their experiences. You can surrender them to the choices that mind is making, and from the perspective of your being. you can stay awake to the fact that you can choose for Love at all times. The attraction this holds for other minds is irresistible, because there is no mind that does not know itself at a very deep level, and from this deep level the mind will cry out for the recognition of itself. It will move toward it in any way it can, even if it means attracting circumstances and events that highlight a body perceived to be its own as wrongdoer.

Through whatever news you are hearing, you are connected to all minds. All minds at their very foundation know that they are love. You can communicate at this level with all minds right now. And when there is an announcement in your news media, go to the doers and the victims and the watchers and the ones who did nothing, and the ones who are exploiting it, and the ones who are feeling the depths of compassion, and those who feel stuck in blame and anger. Go to them by going to the place where you truly are. Abide with them in the only way you can, by abiding in peace.

They are all here to teach you to stay there, to stay in peace, and to jump into the next timeline. You are here to teach them to rest in peace in life, while still embodied, and to jump with you. You are all here for each other, and you love each other very much. Go to that place. Go to that place now. That is where you have your strongest connection with us. Stay there today, where we will lavish you with healing and with rest. You are all instruments being finely tuned for this beautiful, heart-opening symphony we’re going to play together.

We thank you. We love you. We dance in joy with your spirit, right now. Can you feel it?

Photo byย Jakob Owensย onย Unsplash

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  1. Wonderful interpretation of the interplay of energies going on now, Julie! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! ๐Ÿ’ž xxx
    PS: I Love the humor shining through. I’m getting a lot of that, too. Such an exuberant, uplifting, Joy-filled presence!

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