This is how you all help each other

Every character you encounter is perfectly placed and perfectly calibrated to help you wake up. No matter if the role seems to be positive, negative, or a mixture of both, the character is showing you exactly what you need to see in order to begin to value the light everyone is more than anything else. That light will take care of everything else. As you learn to rely upon the light fully, you have no more worries, no more cares. Everyone you meet or think of offers you this invitation to no more worries and no more cares. Every situation you find yourself in offers a pathway to no more worries and no more cares, carried by the light completely.

In order to wake up fully to who you are, to who everyone else is, you must see through all that you have placed in front of the awareness of that. The characters you meet or think of spark your awareness of two things: the joy you are, and exactly how you are blocking your awareness of the joy you are. Wherever you are in judgment, you are actively blocking your awareness of the joy you are.

When you are unhappy it is always because you are blocking the awareness of the joy you are. It only seems to be about the illusion of conditions and other people. This is only habit, and habit can be unwound, dissolved. Your work now is to allow the result of years and lifetimes of habit to be undone. You are not alone in this undoing. As you become more willing to devote  yourself to this undoing, you’ll find it gets easier and easier.

You’ll also find it gets deeper and deeper. You’ll encounter intense fear along the way, but that intense fear has been operating all along under the surface. When you allow the surface to be peeled back, you allow the fear to be exposed. When you allow the fear to be exposed, you allow it to be healed. The more you allow fear to be healed, the more you feel gratitude for all of the roles your divine siblings are playing.

As you see each character’s wake-up role, you can also see how the form the character takes assists you. Some characters bring up instant irritation within you. This is a mirror of your own resistance to love and flow. They are showing you exactly where you can allow the light to shine next.

Habit would tell you to judge the character, keep the irritation as a form of protection, and move on with your intense fear covered over by that judgment. Healing would tell you to see the reflection, to allow the surface to be peeled back, to admit to the intense fear and resistance you have been holding onto as a form of protection, and to allow that to dissolve in the light.

This is where your gratitude for “irritating” characters comes from. The light that one is enacted exactly the resistance you are holding onto in a way that you could feel it. Once you feel resistance, you can allow it to be exposed, you can allow it to heal. Your gratitude is due to the one who led you to the healing. You can keep your concepts, or you can find your gratitude. Because your gratitude comes after the healing, finding your gratitude means that you have chosen to accept healing. Once you have accepted healing for yourself, you can share that healing with others.

Each character assists you into seeing that everything the physical world offers is a sham. More and more, as you agree to learn from every character without exception, this network of gratitude lights up. Each of your relationships is made pure by your refusal to judge others, by your willing acceptance of healing instead. They are all innocent, without exception, because they are only reflecting back to you two helpful things: the joy of your true home in peace, or the misery of judgment and hiding from your true identity. Both reflections are so helpful. No character is able to do anything other than what is truly helpful to you.

Your gratitude enhances your sense of safety because you know you are truly cared for.  You are given nothing but constant opportunity, no matter what form it seems to take, to emerge from the dream you chose.

When you find your gratitude for every character across time and space, for their helpfulness to you, this network of gratitude lights up, lighting the way to awareness of Self for others. Accepting healing becomes easier and easier for everyone, and from your healed perspective, you are much more easily able to celebrate everyone without exception for who they truly are. More and more, you see the joy reflection instead of the fear reflection because you have let the misery of your defenses down.

We reflect the joy you are back to you without ceasing, and we are always here to light your way back Home.

Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash

15 thoughts on “This is how you all help each other

  1. Thank You soooo very much, Julie! This was a perfect reminder this morning….right now. Saw it over at Leon’s wonderful blog! Sending huge hugs and Much Love Your way!!! 🤗🌀❤️🙏🏼😊


  2. Beautiful! Thank you! A true blessing for one to arrive at the day when every troublesome character in one’s life is seen as a teacher! You expressed the sentiment in such a beautiful way. Hopefully the realization of this truth spreads far and wide.

    Liked by 1 person

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