Day 2 – Noticing thought

The Relationship Process
Day 2 – Noticing thought

Begin by thanking the one who is the focus of your healing:
Thank you, [Name], for inviting me to healing. I appreciate the role you are playing.

If saying that you appreciate feels like a lie, then focus upon your willingness:
I am willing to remember how to appreciate all the roles that beings disguised as people are playing.

Today, your work is to identify one thought that you believe is true about the other. You’re going to look at the judgments, sent to you by ego, that you’re currently accepting as your own. You only need one statement that is believable to you, but write down as many as you like.

If you’re having trouble identifying the ego thoughts you accepted as your own, consider the following:
– What is the problem you are having with the other person?
– What is the other person’s problem?
– How should the other person change to please you?

Once you believe you have a good, honest example of a particular thought you have been believing about the other, your work is complete.

When you think of this healing being throughout the day, remember this:
[Name], you help me notice the thoughts I accept as my own. I thank you for this.

Yes, the one who seems to be the cause of your problems is a healing being. This process is slow so you can come to see it in one and then see it in all.

End with this:
[Name]you are helping me to notice my feelings and my thoughts. I thank you for your role in my healing. My work is perfect and complete for today.

If any of this feels like a lie, direct your attention to your willingness:
[Name]I am willing to see how you help me to notice my feelings and my thoughts. I am willing to find gratitude for your role in my healing. My work is perfect and complete for today.

Photo by Chris Ensey on Unsplash

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