Day 4 – Experiencing the truth of another

The Relationship Process
Day 4 – Experiencing the truth of another

Go to the statement you made about what you are seeing in the one who is your focus for this process:
When I look at [Name], I see ________________________.
We call this being the healing being because this one is both in the process of healing and also offering healing to you. When you accept the healing they are offering simply by showing up exactly as they are, you share that healing with them. 

You truly believe that you see a particular quality in the healing being, and this is your key to freedom.  You are in charge of what you believe. Your world is very obedient because it reflects what you believe back to you.

You and the healing being are in constant telepathic communication with one another. When you are attached to ego, or separation perception, you receive and give the thoughts that keep you in a repetitive, looping pattern together.  When you realize that egoic thoughts are always lies, you begin to hear true thoughts. When you hear true thoughts, your relationships transform because what guides them is joy, not ego. When you are guided by joy, you are able to share joy.

When you think of the healing being today, remember this:
[Name], you are an important part of my realization that the thoughts ego sends to me about you are always lies. I know when I am believing a lie because I don’t feel good. I am willing to hear, see and experience the truth about you now.
When you can, stop once per hour to affirm this. Your focus on this being paves the way for ease of communication with all beings.

It’s important for you to recognize how much healing just a little bit of focus invites. Your mind is very powerful, so recognize what you have done today in pausing to consider the truth:
My work is whole, complete and perfect for today.

Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

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