We give you wings for flight and clouds for rest

The most important thing to know is that you are supported. You are buoyed up. You don’t have to do this alone, because there is no alone. Alone is only a false perception. We are all one, and you can invite this healed perception in at any time simply by stopping to focus upon it.

We suggest a touchstone for you–an image to which you return in order to invite healed perception and the flow of inspired action. See a bank of fluffy white clouds, and see that as what is holding you up, supporting you. You are held, you are carried, and you are loved. Allow this image to become the symbol for what is holding you up at all times. If you focus upon it, you invite that support into your experience in tangible ways. If you feel you are struggling, you are fighting the support that is always there for you. Relax back into this bed of clouds, and allow all that is yours to come to you–all the inspiration, and all the resources.

Now we suggest an image of wings, an image to which you return when there is any confusion or disquiet. We provide you with these wings and the power to fly. When we say “we,” we might as well say “you,” because there is no separation between us. Because there is no separation between us, this is what makes your wings so powerful. You can and will fly with the power of Unity. As you fly, you show others how to rise up.

Whenever you experience any disquiet, it is a call to go within. The disquiet is a signal that your gaze has been focused upon a meaningless outer surface–a surface which you are not capable of judging. Go within to where all the meaning is, and the fountain of inspiration will take care of everything for you. As you learn to trust this ever-flowing fountain, what seems to appear as you gaze outward loses all power to disturb you.

Whatever you see outside, that is the call to go within and receive. If what you see outside appears glorious, you go within to give thanks for the love you can see shining through everything. If what you see outside appears to be troubling, you go within to access that great power–the power you Are, the power all share–in order to be relieved of the burden of false perception.

What is within all beings is a gift in every moment. You are fully worthy of these deep gifts within, and as you begin to see all others as fully worthy of the same gifts, you will feel certain of your own shared worthiness. The sense of the shared worthiness of all creates a deep sense of safety that you are able to share.

Go within to receive your gifts, and exult in the sharing that flows effortlessly from you in perfect ways. It is our great honor to speak with our perfect divine sibling.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash