A person and place meditation

Spirit will use what we perceive to bring us beyond false perception. This morning I was given a beautiful way to start with what I perceive–very simple things: persons and places.

The instruction I was given was this:
When a person or location comes to mind, focus on the light and the blessing. Return the focus to what you perceive to be yourself every other time.

I am the light of the world. The light of the world shines in, on, as and through me.

[Name] is the light of the word. The light of the world shines in, on, as and through [Name].

If a location comes to mind:
The light of the world shines in, on, as, and through [name of location–building, town, whatever comes to mind].

The function of this exercise is that we begin to see the light everywhere. The ego may send us various positive or negative judgments about all the seemingly separate aspects of the world, but they have less and less meaning as we see the light and know all to be the light. The ego’s positive judgments are always about being more positive than some other thing seen as separate, so eventually those judgments lose meaning, too.

Photo by dorota dylka on Unsplash

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