This is the Great Remembering

We speak to you of transformation, how it occurs throughout the collective, how each of you is participating in it right now.

Each one of you plays a distinct and specific part in the transformation of the world. All roles are harmonic. Let us say this again. All roles, without exception, are harmonic. This means there is no need to worry over your role or any other. Just know that they all fit together perfectly in a way you don’t need to consciously comprehend right now. This means that everyone around you has perfect job performance, right down the last detail, the tiniest gesture. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again–all Oscar-worthy.

There is no need to judge your role or that of any other. The important thing is that they are harmonic. We call you to focus upon the idea of unfolding, as in the blooming of a flower. You’re going to be able to perceive this blooming everywhere. That which appears to be negative is inciting the search inward that allows the blooming. All parts work together for the good of all.

When we invite you not to judge, we always laugh, and now we can tell you why. You cannot judge. It is not a true function of yours. You can only flow. You can, however, deliver to yourself a believable experience of judging. There is no need for this. Where it arises, simply remember that you are here to let it go, and have faith that the function (that was never a function at all) will atrophy, will disappear. What is not needed fades away.

You are being given many, many opportunities to allow your perspective to change. As you accept these opportunities, ripples go out everywhere, and you make the process of change more accessible to all.  Since what appears to be outside is your projection, as you allow your perception to change, what appears outside must change as well.

If we can describe what is happening musically, it is as if you are all singing different notes. There is most definitely discord, but now a giant wave has passed through, and each being recognizes an undeniable need to harmonize. You’re giving yourself the experience of coming into harmony, but the truth is that underneath the surface you have always been fully harmonized with one another. You’re just allowing yourself to see it now.

This is the Great Remembering.

Photo by Nikola Knezevic on Unsplash

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