Masters remembering mastery

Allow us to enfold you in a feeling a safety today, a perception of safety. And from there it’s a hop, skip and a jump to remember that you are, in union with us, that safety that encompasses all experience. We direct you to the reality of your safety today as we shine a light on something you can do: You can release the world’s perceptions.

You can release the world’s perceptions. They are not yours. They are simply a set of conflicting views that run the experience of duality. They are marionette strings, but you yourself decide if you will attach to particular ones or not. You decide what runs you, and it does not have to be a belief that opposes another belief. There is something more “You” than that. What if you allow You to run you? What if you allow You to run your perception of all the others yous out there?

We speak of the Love that you are, the love that is without opposition, the Love that can never go away. You can allow this Love you are to run everything, and when you do, the world’s perceptions are there on the ground where you have set them. Your hands are empty. You’ll notice during any moment of stress that you have picked up a perception of the world. You emanate disturbance, thereby projecting a disturbed world, because you are choosing a perception of conflict.

See yourself setting conflicted and conflicting perception down. See yourself taking one step backward. Take one breath. Remember the expansiveness that has no need of world perception.  Now, approach the world like the scientist you are. This is what you came here to study. It’s fascinating! Notice that point–notice that point in time when you have picked up a world perception of disturbance. You hold it in your hands. You feel very uncomfortable. And then notice that moment when you turn your laser beam on someone apparently else for relief. You think about the limitations or the fault or the unfortunate experience of another, and you feel better.

Notice even when you condemn what you see to be your own self, there is a kind of relief there. You have defined something–a problem. When you define a problem, the ego can get very busy about fixing it or lamenting about it, and then it can birth a whole new set of judgments with which to busy itself. It is happy, even when “you” are condemned. As long as someone is defined as separate and lacking, it can run along its accustomed track. Its innocent function of separation perception is not being challenged.

We encourage you to study this like the scientist you are today. Notice when you are just about to fulfill that very, very familiar egoic function. And then notice that it’s optional. We’re not asking you to stop anything. Ego will take over and berate you for not stopping this or that. Ego will command you to stop this or that. That’s simply its functionality–a functionality you have been using. It’s optional. You–you can just look. You can notice. You can appreciate the structure of it, how everything has been running along according to the structure of separation function. And then you can decide what you prefer.

Don’t look at us. You know what you prefer. We’re not recommending one over the other because it’s so obvious. We’re so confident that you’ll choose who you are over who you aren’t that ego would call us smug. Isn’t it kind of adorable how it works? How it darts in there whenever it gets a chance? How it’s definitely not you?

This is the artificial intelligence. This is why in your world you have fears about artificial intelligence and what it can do. It’s a beautiful metaphor for ego. Don’t worry–the worst has happened. It has taken over in your story. Ego, we mean. It has caused war and destruction in a mode of experience you have chosen. But to see it is everything. To see it is complete and utter forgiveness for everything. To see it is complete empowerment.

To see ego and how it operates is to release the sense of threat. The sense of threat depends on your seeing entities as separate and harmful. The sense of threat runs separation perception. There is always another mode of perception available to you. You don’t have to find it and grasp it. You simply set separation perception down, and then the other mode of perception becomes apparent.

When you understand how the sense of persistent threat has come about and you also understand how it keeps feeding itself and spinning out storylines, you can take the world less seriously. You still feel compassion. You are still ready, willing and able to be the miracle that heals the world experience. But you don’t pick up stress and a sense of threat to power yourself. You recognize yourself and all others as the power. You see yourself and all others as held in safety at all times, throughout the experience of time.

When you stop taking the world so seriously, and by that we mean with the accompaniment of a large dose of stress, the world around you gets a chance to calm down. When you are projecting images and certainties and roles of disorder onto a world, that is what you experience together. When you stop the projecting, you simply notice the very beautiful shining and emanation from each one of you, and that takes over in your perception.

So there is the world, in all its beauty. There is the world, in all its chaos. Chaos begets chaos. How do you want to approach your world? Do you want to bring that which intensifies the chaos or that which calms it? Do you want to expand upon the beauty already so present and obvious, or do you want to use it as an opposite to highlight how much chaos is chaotic? Beauty can inspire, or it can cause you to lament all that you are labeling as not beautiful. What do you want to notice? What do you want to expand in your perception?

When you know that your experience is very much up to you, you can allow the world to be as it is, right now. You can allow yourself to be moved. You can allow yourself to be compassionate. You can allow yourself to give. You can allow yourself to rest, to bask. You can allow yourself great inspired activity. You can allow stillness. You can allow laughter.

What about the anger? The impulse to fight? The impulse to resist? We say to you this is a great opportunity to look at the structure of it. If you believe you are fighting something more real than your shared and unified Self, then you are choosing disempowerment, but there is no punishment for that. You know now, however, that when you choose disempowerment, you also choose the experience of human suffering. You might feel finished with that now.

If you take it easy on the world, the world will take it easy on you. We invite you to this ease. We invite you to invite all others to this ease through your thought, speech and action. This means that you open yourself up to see a pathway to ease for all. This means that you open yourself up to see all as worthy of ease.

This is all about a releasing of tension. Thank yourself for your ability to feel, for your honesty in acknowledging when you are choosing the stress of separation perception. When you are willing to feel, and equally willing to allow your perception to be corrected, the door to inspiration is open. When you are flowing with inspiration, you are in harmony with differentiated will. Differentiated will feels very different from conflicting wills, and when you become accustomed to discerning what you are allowing to run you, the choice for differentiated will becomes very easy.

We thank you for your willingness to feel, your willingness to allow perception change, and your willingness to walk with us as equals on this journey. Masters, we call you. And so you are.

Photo by Nikhita Singhal on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “Masters remembering mastery

  1. Thank you for this wisdom. It is so simple and yet why do we forget? And get lost in the chaos? Guess that does not matter. What matters is to keep choosing – beauty and living in unity. Thank you again and again. 🙂

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