When you’re done, you see the One

I received a lovely gift of support from a reader but couldn’t find a way to respond back, so I just wanted to say thanks to Darren. What a wonderful surprise!

And this is a good time to thank all of my readers. The energy you contribute helps to determine the message, and it is always a beautiful process for me to see the messages take shape. This feeling of all of us helping each other is an amazing gift, so please accept my sincere thanks for what you share in resonance.


You, as you see yourself as a separate and vulnerable person, are a child playing with toys. Your parent waits very patiently and lovingly for you to be finished with your play. It is only when you have put down every toy, when you signify that you are done playing, that your parent brings you Home. During the span of time that seems to exist prior to your putting down your toys, you are following an attachment to the physical that doesn’t actually feel good.

Every child puts down her toys at exactly the right time, and the phenomena of children leaving their toys assists others in reaching their own points of “doneness.” Right before the lived experience of Oneness comes doneness.

Seeing the world in this context, know that every point of stress and tension you experience is a signal that you’re done with reacting to illusion. Every point of contraction informs you that while you are actively blocking the experience of Divine Will, it is always there for you. Any stress you feel is actually a longing for the Wholeness of this Divine Will.

So any time you’re about to blame an aspect of what looks like the world “out there” (big joke–there is no out there!), spin that around and look at the opportunity that is present for you. You have an opportunity to drop attachment to something that never felt good. As you do it, others around you will learn to do it, too, and everyone will feel better. Those who feel better are better able to access guidance.

So someone cuts you off on the highway. Feel the contraction of that. Or similarly, you make a “mistake” (always an opportunity) in traffic and feel as though you are the wrongdoer. With each experience comes that sharp contraction. What a wonderful moment. You are getting an opportunity to feel the pain of trying to block your self off from yourSelf. If you know that this experience is all about helping you to see what you can simply drop, then you can see all the players in that experience as divine. And now look at the quality of energy you are sharing on the roadway. Expansive, loving, forgiving, supportive.

You put down your toys because you realize that playing with them doesn’t actually feel good, so every moment of not feeling good is an opportunity to see that while toys (disturbed, judgmental concepts) have captured your attention for a while, they will never lead to fulfillment, to peace, to happiness. When you see this, it is very easy to set toys down.

You realize that playing with toys doesn’t actually feel good because you allow yourself to feel, over and above everything else. When you allow yourself to feel, this means that you don’t have an agenda beyond waking up. You deeply and sincerely want to know what you have been using to block the awareness of the Peace that you and all others are.

When you allow yourself to feel, you are open to let yourself be guided. Not my will, but Thy will be done. On Earth as it is in Heaven. You have been in Heaven for the entirety of the perception of time. It would be impossible to be anywhere other than in your true Home. It is only in perception that something else could seem to be true. So in this dream of a something-else, you learn to offer up all illusions, all of the dream world, all of your apparently separate volition within it, to your True Self.

You begin to allow what you are to run things. You are always listening, always alert. At first this seems to take effort, simply because you have become habituated to living in pain and disturbance. Eventually, that falls away. Your focus remains steady and true because there is no desire greater than the desire to restore Home to your awareness.

More and more, you recognize the peace and happiness of following guidance. When guidance becomes your all-the-time setting, this is when you are gathered up and moved beyond guidance, beyond following, into flow. When you stop using tricks of perception to seemingly separate from what you are, what you always have been, you merge with it in your perception. The parent seems to do this final action of sweeping you fully into the flow because there never was a separate you to begin with. There never was any will other than Divine Will.

Allow all the doing to be done through you, and you share the best gift you could possibly give to an always-divine sibling. We love you, we walk with you, and we are always available. Come to us when stress arises and allow us to show you the divine opportunity you are experiencing. We delight in serving you as you serve all others, always.

Photo byย kazuendย onย Unsplash

6 thoughts on “When you’re done, you see the One

  1. This is such an amazing reminder. “Doneness comes before Oneness.” Can you please explain – what does it mean to allow myself to “feel”? Thank YOU again and again. I feel sometimes the light comes in – and then i go back to the toys and cry and wonder why i forget again? Feel blessed for this divine nourishment. A beautiful Christmas Gift from my Father in Heaven, sweet Divine Beloved. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

      I’ll use my perceived separate self as an example here. It becomes very subtle. Sometimes I become aware that I’m doing something, but it doesn’t really feel good. Like I might be waiting for an opportunity to make a point in conversation, and before it just felt like the back-and-forth of conversation, but now I’m aware it doesn’t feel good. It feels as though I am waiting to assert a separate self, and to assert the separate self is a struggle.

      Or sometimes loud laughter and joking around. Underneath that may be a feeling I’m trying to drown out. The feelings are more prominent now because I allow them to rise to the surface.

      Pretty much anytime I become convinced that I must and will assert my will upon the children (my four kids)–that’s a laugh right there. I know that feeling that comes right before, and it’s not resolve or decisiveness. It’s smallness and fear and feeling lost.

      But before I may have thought I was only experiencing resolve and decisiveness.

      What else. Jealousy. Oh, jealousy! Of course I wouldn’t have wanted to admit that to myself, because I didn’t want to see myself that way, but now I keenly feel when I am being comparative and assigning lesser or greater values, longing for something I think I don’t have that is only part of an illusion anyway.

      It’s like once I made the agreement to allow myself to feel, I could also see the thinking in slow motion. I could see thought believed that led to thought believed that led to an off-balance experience (emotion) that seemed to be tied to something real.

      The pain is in thinking and believing things are real when they are not. The relief comes from remembering guidance and remembering my willingness to hear it.

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      1. Thank you for taking the time to write all this – can’t tell you HOW amazing this is…..i understand now – the feeling of being off-balance because of cooperating somehow in making and keeping the illusion real for me and others…..it is so much work and so pointless – when the alternative is so sweet, tender and wondrous.
        Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU – a million times and then some more. ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒน

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