We’re coming for you…we’re here!

Beloved Darren, your nonphysical friends want to speak with you directly on a moment-by-moment basis. Are you willing to allow this communication to open up? To sweeten the deal, we will tell you this: When you say yes to direct communication with the nonphysical, you say yes to the deepest understanding of every being you meet, and ultimately, to the deepest understanding of your Self.

Spirit, playfully leaping and bounding like a dog, wants to be by your side every second. Spirit is by your side every second. Okay, let’s make that cozier. Spirit is you and everybody else. There is One Spirit, and there is no else. The One Spirit we are is inviting you to hop into the flow of Us.

We draw your attention to your thoughts. Every thought is a photograph, a snapshot. What does that thought show you, strife or peace? Our function is to show you how to handle every thought that shows you strife. What do you do with it? How do you respond when the thought has already spoken? We are there by your side to illuminate everything with the light that is also your own.

We come bearing gifts. Today’s gift is a notebook for one persistent issue you are willing to have healed. Write in the front: All stressful thoughts are lies. Pick a topic for the focus of the notebook. What topic seems to invite stressful thoughts to occur? Each day find one thought about the topic that you believe, and write it down. And then write, “I am willing to receive healing for this thought today.” And that’s it. Allow the day to do the healing. Continue this process for a month, or longer if it feels joyful and life-giving. We offer this process as a means to assist you in listening to your Self throughout the day, every day.

We’ll be coming at you from everywhere–from billboards, from songs, out of the mouths of people that you meet, in your memories, in your thoughts, in the words you are inspired to speak–everywhere. Look for us. We’re here. We’re always here, and so are you, because we are joined eternally. We do not speak from far away. We whisper in your ear.

We leave you with an image of flowers:
Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin. (Matthew 6:28)

Those flowers, those flow-ers, allow themselves to be nurtured. They allow themselves to be watered. They allow themselves to be sunlit. They allow their roots to be nourished. We ask you to do the same, as you allow the universe to deliver directly unto you what you need to thrive, lolling at your feet like a happy dog, happy to play fetch. We invite you into this openness, this happiness, and this playfulness because it is a direct reflection of who all Are.

We are blessed because you are a blessing. Thank you for spending this time with us.

Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay