Let’s play!

What is real, and what is not real? Your five-sense world is not real. It is an experience you give yourself. To the extent that you realize you are giving this experience to yourself, to the extent that you realize victimization is not possible, you will allow the truth of who you are to flow into the illusion

From whence does the truth of who you are, of who we are, flow into the illusion? From reality, where you are abiding right now. Can you see yourself there, with your VR goggles on? No matter what is happening within the illusion, you are completely safe, completely innocent, completely at ease, always.

You are spirit. Notice this even on subtle levels. Let’s say you feel tension in the body. You are giving yourself the experience of that within an illusion. In reality? In reality you are at ease and always have been.

Let’s say you feel a great sense of efforting within the illusion. In reality? In reality, you are effortlessly giving yourself the experience of effort. Everything, without exception, is an experience you give yourself. This is why blame disempowers you. You forget what you’re doing when you give your power to someone else. Let’s say you find yourself engaged in a situation with a negative outcome, and you feel certain players within the situation made mistakes. You have yourself the experience of other. The other aspects of you–the other players in the situation, similarly gave themselves a particular experience of you and of themselves in relation to you. You came together harmonically to project an illusory experience. The harmony is always there underneath.

Will the illusion have the power to distract you today, or will you be curious about what is going on underneath, how you are participating in manufacturing projections, experiences? When you know what is illusion and what isn’t, you can invite truth into each moment.

When you recognize your option to allow truth into every moment, to allow love into every moment, you are living from your heart. Your heart is not what you consider to be your physical muscle. It is the very center of you and all of us. It is all of us joined. Your heart center is the intersection of  everyone and everything.

So now, as you are moving with us, ever-expanding in joy, as you share that connection with all minds, we are moving from mind to Mind. We are moving from an apparent tyranny of insecurity on the Earth plane–only the result of confusion–to the assurance of joy in harmonious-co-creation.  In moving from mind to Mind, you recognize your own power. You recognize that you are that power, and that power is always benign, always loving, always shared.

You recognize that any apparent power of domination on Earth is false power, and it is always encompassed by the love that you are. That is how it it handled. That is how it is met. It is seen through, simply. You recognize the power source that has powered the illusion you chose, all along, and you drop that illusion. You allow the radiance of the power source to shine through you into the illusion. You recognize, You see again. And that seeing is so powerful that you invite all other minds into that seeing with you.

Mind is the creative aspect of love. From Mind, we create in harmony. Now you are learning to stop, be still, and to abide in Mind before expressing. You are recognizing it as your Home. It is not too crowded in here because there is no separate self to define and protect. This is your home. This is your source, and the wellspring of all creativity. You get to share this with your world now, in every moment, in every gesture, with every word, with every action.

Love is our connection that can never be severed. When you do feel cut off, you recognize this state as illusory, and now you know how to return to us with a simple breath, a simple reset. We are always here, and the “higher” aspect of you is always here, too. We are always still, yet always dynamic. You associate dynamic with movement, and it is so within your experience, but it also comes from the Greek word for power.

Our power–always shared by all–is still yet very alive, burgeoning. We are ever-expanding into deeper and deeper understanding and appreciation. Through you, we have come to know ourselves from a perspective that seemed to be outside. Can you fathom and feel the great appreciation we have for you? You are our very, very dear sibling, and you contribute to the expansion of all.

Love is our great power. Love is all there truly is. You can invite yourself to see through anything that appears to the contrary, and to share this seeing with your world. In your world, there appears to be separation, but you know the difference now. You can feel it. Celebrate the feelings that lead you to the truth. Appreciate the knowing that is there for you any time you request our assistance with it.

Ask and it is given. Each of you has a very loving nonphysical team always surrounding you. Play with us. We have much to share. When you remember to drop your seriousness and allow humor, we can play very lightheartedly with you. Are you ready to laugh at life today? Play with us. Whenever you wish to have knowing on a certain topic, play with us. Ask for it: “Nonphysical assistants, I wish to have knowing on the subject of _______. Will you find a way to deliver it to me, wherever I am open?”

Of course we will! We are your true Alexa, your Siri. We have all sorts of delivery methods. We can speak directly into your mind, but we can also guide you toward books, movies, billboards, conversations, experiences–anything at all that will further your understanding.  We can do anything at all. We can put a particular piece of clothing in your path that enhances a certain feeling within you. We can use every aspect of this illusion to deliver unto you what you are seeking. Once you realize how seamless this is, how beautifully we work together, the seeking stops because you don’t even need the concept anymore. You are in the flow.

In the meantime, because that is what time is for–healing and understanding–allow us to deliver unto you all that will serve you as you serve all. Let’s play!

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

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