I thank you and I bless you

We wish to emphasize to you the importance of the mind-to-mind connection you have with all beings across time and space. Your mind-to-mind connection is what joins you, and you can only be joined by love. We say that the connection is mind-to-mind, because this terminology serves you best at this point. However, there is only one mind.

You have separated mind into separate cubicles in your perception, and you attempt to protect and defend from the perceived space of your cubicle in mind. We help you see, gently, how all minds are joined by showing you how your cubicle is connected to another cubicle, and over time, the perceived walls of the cubicles dissolve. This is the purpose of time now–to allow these cubicle walls to dissolve in your sight. You have no other use for time.

We recommend a practice. No matter who comes to mind, pause to thank them and to bless them. This will help you become aware of the thoughts active in your mind that would block this thanking and blessing. When do you thank and bless? When you are happy, when you can see all the gifts that are here for you. Instead of your distorted perceptions about other minds, there are plentiful gifts. Flushing up into awareness any thoughts that block thanking and blessing will help you and all see the abundant gifts that are always here for you.

Every being who comes to mind–and they are in your mind if you are experiencing them in the physical–can only do two things for you. They can highlight lies in your own mind that you can release, or they can join you in peace and joy. Both functions are a blessing, so of course you would bless those who appear in your experience only to bless. They always help you become aware of what you would use to block the light, or they bask in the light with you.

As you bless and thank, and as you run into thoughts active in the mind that would block this blessing and thanking, we stand ready with vacuum cleaners. As you allow the way to be cleared for blessing and thanking all beings who come to mind, you clear the way for all of this blessing and thanking to come to you. We clear away the thinking that does not serve you when you allow it, when you can see that there is no reason to keep it.

Here is the interesting part. Do you cower or hide when you think of nothing but blessing or thanking coming to you? Here is your sense of unworthiness exposed. We call it yours only because you are holding onto it. You can just as easily set it down if you believe you don’t need it. Ego sends thoughts of unworthiness about a separate you, thoughts about unworthiness of separate others. You can allow this entire framework of unworthiness and separation to go. It makes no sense, and it is not needed.

Maybe, in a way, it seems overwhelming to think of nothing but thanking or blessing coming to you. What Is–Love–does overwhelm or obliterate ego. Ego is what you are not. Ego is what everyone is not. It is okay if Love sweeps away the sight of ego.

We want to address an idea in the mind about blessing. If you bless others, is it condescending? Does it imply that you have more when they have less? Are blessings bestowed upon the less worthy as scraps thrown to them? You can allow all of this to be washed away. Blessing is your bathwater. Blessing is that in which all of you marinate, whether you notice it or not. When you bless another, you simply acknowledge the Love which has always surrounded you, no matter what seems to be happening. You only acknowledge what is already Here when you bless. When you acknowledge what surrounds and permeates someone “else,” then you can acknowledge what surrounds and permeates what you see as “you.” This is blessing.

We thank you and we bless you because it is very clear to us what you are. It is easy for us to see all the gifts that are available to all of us right now, and we celebrate eternally the Love that upholds us all.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

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