Remembering perfection

Everyone, without exception, is already perfect. Everything, without exception, is perfectly in place.

Anything that looks wrong is here for you to understand a couple of things. Number one, you are attached to separate identity and you keep recreating it every day. Number two, the transformative power of who you truly are works through you without effort. When you remember to set effort down, you are allowing re-creation.

Look at the word recreation. It implies a relaxing, an enjoyment, a setting down of our cares and our effort. Now look at re-creation. If you are ceaselessly engaged in struggle against that which you have already created in innocence, how can you re-create something new? You must pause or stop the struggle to create anew from a position of clarity and Love.

If there is anything to rail against, you are participating in creating it anew each day. Every day, you recreate your individual identity, and you recreate everything there is to struggle against personally and collectively. You do this with your intention to keep trying and to continue the struggle.

Thought comes to you. Thought is believed. Thought is attached to. Experiences and events ensue. You build your separate identity based on your reactions to these experiences and events you created.

You are primary. The Love that you are, united with All That Is, forever, is primary. That’s reality. Remember who you are today. Who you are is who everybody else is, quite simply. Everything layered on top of that is self-created.

Observe the process today. A thought comes to you. Thoughts bounce around in the one mind we share. Get used to thinking of us as united. It gets easier that way.

So the thought bounces around in our shared mind, and it approaches the cubicle you perceive to be you-and-not-the-other-guy. What do you, pure consciousness, do with it? Do you believe it? If you believe it, you attach to it as identity, and you make of yourself a conduit to bring that thought into form.

Do you disbelieve it? Do you fight against it? If you do, you make thought more powerful than the benign power you have always been, and you produce the phantom of an enemy within a Whole that is truly harmonious.

What do you do? You remember yourself as the light, and you remember that this experience is being projected within consciousness. When you neither believe nor disbelieve the thoughts, when you see them as held in the light you are, the light you are is what comes into expression here in the world you created.

It’s subtle. It’s beyond positive thinking. It’s a simple remembering. You are whole, and you have always been held in Wholeness. If the thoughts feel good, then they do. It is the Whole flowing into form. There is no disturbance. If they feel like a positive struggling against a negative, you have everything to allow. The light that you are always holds these thoughts. The light that you are cannot struggle. You are always beyond all struggle, although you may entertain struggle. What will you entertain today? What will you allow?

It’s a simple remembering. A simple allowing of who you are to express itself in form. The false feels wrong. It feels like disturbance. When you are allowing the false to express itself in form, it feels wrong. That’s why attention to feelings is so important. They are always here for you.

When you truly pay attention to your feelings, you may spend some time going deep into the witnessing of our collective dysfunction. This journey into what we have been doing here can be called depression. You witness the density and sense of heavy limitation that you have participated in constructing.

The process of depression is going deep within to allow yourself to feel the dysfunction while learning not to attach to it as yourself. The world doesn’t understand the part where you don’t attach to it as yourself. The world doesn’t understand knowing yourself as Whole. That’s where depression calls you–toward the Wholeness. It calls you through the witnessing of dysfunction, toward the Wholeness. The world thinks depression is a very unfortunate dead-end that some fall victim to.

Depression is actually a process of witnessing what we created together, how we created it, and transforming our whole orientation toward the creation process.

Imagine this. You tell someone you’re depressed, and they say, “Amazing! I’m so excited for this incredible transformation you’re moving through! You must be pretty busy. Do you want me to do your laundry? You can do mine when it’s my turn to transform.”

Depression is part of the process of returning to the knowledge that you have always been perfect, and conditions, underneath the fiction we have collectively created, have always been harmonious. From the position of this remembrance, we collectively allow Reality to be reflected in our world.  Along the way, you face what you are not, you allow yourself to feel what you ran from before, and you shed what you are not. You come to love yourself and everyone. You come to know everyone as yourself.

If you agree with the world that depression is an unfortunate dead-end, you will struggle against the very Love that is pulling you into remembrance–the remembrance that will allow transformation to come to your world. But you are so loving. You are so persistent. You can hear the call of Love, and it’s unmistakable. If you re-enter depression again and again, it is not a dysfunction. It is you moving toward witnessing and ultimately allowing correction of the dysfunction. It is you knowing that our sense of identity is magnificently askew, and you’re moving toward the correction.

Aren’t you amazing? You always have been. There has never been a moment when you haven’t been. Same goes for the other guy, without exception.

Photo by James McGill on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Remembering perfection

    1. Yes, and almost wrote about it today.

      I experienced something a lot like what people are describing back in March of 2010. The day after is when my imaginary friends started talking to me.

      I feel as though we are creating this together, but I also feel as though the point at which we get over-excited and kind of twitchy about it is the point at which…well…you can’t really predict the future. But you can make it, and we are doing that. I’m encouraged to stay in that calm spot, sink into the love we are, focus on that harmony.

      But, honestly, there’s a lot of twitchiness around! They say that the extent to which I’m feeling it is my opportunity to release all the twitchiness I’ve been carrying around for all of these years, and why am I calling it twitchiness? This is new today.

      I’m seeing it differently, getting more intensely down into those layers. If there will be an event we all experience together (and again, we’re creating it right this second), my sense is that between now and then, it’s release-release-release time.

      Do you have a take on it?


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