What populates a calm space?

Every day, you have a disordered thought. And then you recognize something doesn't feel right. In the past, you would throw yourself into action or distraction to obliterate the discomfort of that thought. Now you are doing something different. You are inviting it in for tea. When you sit with it, you look at it, … Continue reading What populates a calm space?

Spoiler alert!

Manifestation (in the sense of what you desire coming into your life) is allowing the reflection of who you truly are to arise in your experience. It's also allowing the reflection of who others truly are to arise in your experience. It's allowing the reflection of where you truly are (in harmony, in Oneness) to … Continue reading Spoiler alert!

Earth never needed to forgive you

Oh my goodness, I have been talking to the Earth through my imaginary friends. Much like with humans, I wasn't allowing her through or really listening to her because fear and guilt were in the way. Your harmonic connection with Earth is already established. It is a precondition. There are many versions of the planet … Continue reading Earth never needed to forgive you

Conduits for the unknown

We are conduits for the unknown. The unknown is the mystery, impossible to judge. It's the extension of Love that wants to flow through us. The only thing that can stop it is the rigidity and separate-self-control that comes from our identification with fear. Fear is only an experience that we invite. It is never … Continue reading Conduits for the unknown

Purging the distrust

We encourage you, when interacting with anyone, in thought or in person, to remember the primary intention for interaction: The towering being of light that I am is meeting the towering being of light that you are. From that stable basis, desire can communicate to you and through you in a more stable and clear … Continue reading Purging the distrust

Seeing what has always been there

Everything in form fits together like puzzle pieces. There is nothing that shouldn't be there. Some things appear very distorted on the surface, so yes, you want to stop terrorizing yourself and others. You want to see clearly, and you want to project that clarity out into form. You do this by accessing true vision … Continue reading Seeing what has always been there

Push, pull and flow

You're becoming more attuned to when tension arises, and you're less likely to see that tension--that fear impulse--as a motivator. You're more likely to work with us now. So now you're experiencing the push, the pull, the flow. You're starting to feel the difference. Let's go to the push. The push might send you into … Continue reading Push, pull and flow

Playing with your action figures

This morning I felt called to write about physical death, and I immediately felt scared about it. It took me a while to find the willingness and flow to see what there was to see. Once I did, I was glad I looked. We love turning things upside down. Think about restricting your awareness by … Continue reading Playing with your action figures

Become a master gardener

When I was wondering if I would write this morning, and what I would write about if I did, I was reminded of this tale. Then I knew how to begin. Let's take a journey into each molecule you have ever encountered in your life story. All of them are alive, vibrating, even in objects … Continue reading Become a master gardener

Embracing the energy of desire

You are in the habit of judging desire. Instead, you can see it as the innocent and loving impulse that calls us forward. Desire shows us a possible future. Is this where we want to go? Are there any issues that come up in this space? The issues are our opportunity to see what blocks … Continue reading Embracing the energy of desire