No need to purify the pure

You are allowed to rest, because you are not in the midst of a battle. Isn't that good news? If you find yourself tensing for battle today, remember that you are allowed to rest. When you rest, you rest in the power of who you are, which is always inextricably joined with the power of … Continue reading No need to purify the pure

Outside the illusion of the threat matrix

As you watch the thoughts that arise in consciousness, you can observe ego's threat matrix. It's a series of interconnected and disturbing thoughts that can orient you toward vulnerability, conflict and struggle. We say that the threat matrix thoughts can orient you toward these things. It doesn't have to. What you are encompasses all of … Continue reading Outside the illusion of the threat matrix

Listening with the intent to benefit

Let's look at the process of listening to people. Energy is flowing. Giving and receiving is happening. As your mirror, your divine sibling may bring up things from within that feel disturbing. You have opportunities to share joy. It toggles back and forth. Do you notice yourself forming opinions as you are listening to another? … Continue reading Listening with the intent to benefit


We would like to put you in touch with one of your superpowers. It is the power of assumption. Assumption has a delightful double meaning. In the religious sense, it also means to transition into heaven. If you use the power of assuming that all is always well as the basis for embracing everything as it … Continue reading Assumption

Seeing enactors as our divine siblings

Today is a little different. My imaginary friends asked me to look up the religious definition of grace, and we're also going to talk about the news.   Grace In Western Christian theology, grace has been defined, not as a created substance of any kind, but as "the love and mercy given to us by God … Continue reading Seeing enactors as our divine siblings

Your pre-existing condition

We regret to inform you...we will just tell you directly. Take a deep breath and be strong as you hear this. The matter that you came to us about--it's a pre-existing condition. We are afraid that there's no additional assistance that we are permitted to offer you. Our hands are tied. Further--be brave, now--there is … Continue reading Your pre-existing condition

Allowing pain to surface to see the guidance underneath

When you are willing to release a new layer of separate identity there can be pain, disorientation and discomfort at first. This is a good sign--not a sign that you have gone wrong. It means that you were hanging onto separate identity for justification of stories and comfort and definition--defining the positive in opposition to … Continue reading Allowing pain to surface to see the guidance underneath

Fear belongs to time

Fear belongs to time, and you have always been beyond time. Fear is one way in which energy can dance and play. Because of the phenomenal experience of fear, energy can experience itself as separate from what it truly is. Fear is a phenomenon, and all phenomena are neutral. All phenomena are temporary. The strongest … Continue reading Fear belongs to time

Encompassing suffering in the light

We like to give things to you straight, right away. All suffering is already encompassed in the light. Once you are able to see it that way, however, that's when you drop the illusion to which you grasp for safety, stability, security and definition. Then more accurate representations of the Truth of love of are … Continue reading Encompassing suffering in the light

Meeting waves from the past

When the past comes to visit you, it is your opportunity to meet it with love. This means that you meet the past as you are, not as a false version of you. When a wave of the past comes upon you, it is a neutral wave. When you meet a wave from the past … Continue reading Meeting waves from the past