Recognizing how close the miracle is

You are becoming fine-tuned, finely attuned to seeing and feeling where resistance is still present in your experience. It's all up to you, but we are always here for your assistance. We want you to take a moment to see how far you have come on this journey. See how much you have owned, how … Continue reading Recognizing how close the miracle is

Love vs. Love

It's unbearable--what used to be bearable to you before. This is¬† a good sign. You used to live your life charging ahead like a rhinoceros, and now it's unbearable, unthinkable. But what comes into that void when you stop charging? What flows in? Realize that everything that comes to meet you is love, and you … Continue reading Love vs. Love

Love is your tailor

Every situation, without exception, is custom-designed so you have the opportunity to recognize the presence of love, to come to know yourself as love, and to transform into a conduit for love in every situation. This means that everyone is chosen, without exception. Everyone is on a trajectory toward awakening to love, as love. If … Continue reading Love is your tailor