You’re on the journey home

Everything is perfectly set up for your journey Home. It always has been that way. There’s always been a flip side to this game you’ve been playing with fear here, and it’s that there is always a perfect potential for moving toward full awakening in every moment.

Every moment is perfectly set up for it. You’re all working together, harmoniously, and it’s only on the surface that your perceive disorder. You could never work any other way together. It’s not possible. You’re all harmonious beings at a masquerade. Some of you are so fully identified with your roles that you don’t understand what’s going on yet.

You can, however, create an image of disorder that obscures Harmony. That’s what you’re all actively involved in doing. If you’re reading this, however, then you volunteered. Before you took on the identity that really seems like all there is to you, you agreed to wake up within the game of fear and radiate the peace and light that would naturally calm all the distress signals surrounding you. As people stopped constant negative creation in the world through emitting these signals, they would begin to remember Home. The peace begins to return to them, too.

In order to do your job, you must release everything that stands between you and what is really going on here. You must release all misperception. Once you know how to do that, your distress signal stops. You know where you really are, so you don’t have to call for help. You know that you are the help, and so is everyone else. They just might not remember yet.

What will you do in your role? You might know, with a complete sense of peace. You might just feel totally open. If you feel any unrest, however, that’s what remains to be cleared up. The only thing necessary for clearing up misperception is your willingness that it be done. We are here to handle the cleanup–and yes, we mean in a planetary sense, too. The planetary is only a reflection of the intensity of the misperception you all have going on here.

When you learn to stop emitting the distress signals that miscreate and you energetically teach others to do the same, your planet will reflect that back to you. Think of this energetic teaching. Your very being teaches. You don’t have to say a word, be in the same room with somebody, make eye contact with anyone, or even be on the same continent or year of your time.

All minds are connected across time and space. Remember, there is only One of us in truth, and that One has never been anything but loving and peaceful. We differentiated in joy, in the light. It was only when we introduced fear as an experiential medium that confusion and misperception became part of our experience.

Fear is not a physical thing, but its metaphorical equivalent is a set of VR goggles. That’s all it ever has been.

Humans often ask, “When I am teaching, what will I do? What will it be like?” You’ll speak to thousands, maybe. You’ll sit in your armchair, maybe.

You’re already speaking to thousands right now. So is everyone else. You’re always giving and receiving your signals, mind-to-mind. Everyone always is.

When you allow us to take the fear from you, you simply know what to do. It doesn’t matter if the situation looks big, with you addressing a large crowd, or small, with you walking down the street. You’re always giving and receiving with everyone across time and space.

When you release your misperceptions, your words and actions will be in the service of healing rather than in the service of a deepening of misperception and fear. That’s a long way of saying that when you know better, you do better.

There is not any trying involved in this. Please do not do good works unless they are simply flowing out of you. All that energy you invest in trying to be good, send it toward waking up and clearing your misperception. You’re doing works in every moment. When you do them with a clear head, you send clarity out across time and space. There’s no greater gift.

You may also find yourself engaged in what some would call good works, but not necessarily. Why don’t you let it be a delightful surprise? We guarantee that whatever it is, it will be delightful. It’s not possible for it to be any other way. When you are still attached to judgment, all you can do is judge future actions from here, and that’s the very stuff you can give to us instead of playing with it. When you continue to play with judgment in your world, you continue to miscreate.

Judgment sends out the distress signal that increases the tension, and then your world reflects that back to you. When you can look upon the world in full understanding that this is what is happening, there’s nothing left to do but relax and discover what is coming next as you heal on your way Home, as you return to full awareness of who you are and what has always been.

Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

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