You are the light that wields perception

We wish to draw your attention to a large golden-white ball of light. It is scintillating, pulsing, vibrating with beautiful life all the time.

This is you. This is everyone else, all the time. This is God. If you don’t like that word, this is Source. This is All That Is.

Now, take a black Sharpie and draw a thin line all around the outside of the ball. This represents the illusion collectively co-created in fearful thought. Not all thought is fearful, though. See gaps in the line. The light does shine through. See the light above the surface of the black line. The places where you have allowed the light through–that light joins to other places where light has been allowed through. There is a a glow of light outside the black line. This represents all the love and flow you currently allow into your experience.

Now see this light being allowed through in more and more places. The light flows. The co-creations of negative thought are static and weak. The light has always been present, and it has always been very powerful. It is only your own choice that could keep you from seeing and feeling this. You can always choose again.

You are all-powerful. You are the only one who has drawn that line that seems to block the full experience of the light and power you are, in the sense that you attached to self-limiting beliefs over time, and you formed them into an identity of a false self. As you formed a stronger and stronger identity for your false self, you formed stronger false identities for other selves, too. In other words, you are in charge of your perceptions. You use your Sharpie every day in the limiting-perception game.

At the same time, you are the one who can allow the light and love you are to shine through those perceptions. You are all-powerful, and the only thing that would stand in the way of this knowing is a perception that you have freely chosen.

You are the light, and so is everyone else. You shine eternally. Only your perceptions would tell you otherwise. Perceptions are very flimsy. They are a fragile tissue hovering over the surface of the light. It is the work of a moment to shine through them.

Shine on.

Photo by David Law on Unsplash

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