You are spirit

I am spirit, and I connect everything.

You are spirit, and you are what joins everything.

Do you know what this means? It means it’s impossible for you to fail at doing your job, because you are always doing it, and that could never change.

It means that the guy over there in the parking lot arguing and gesturing is doing his job, 100%, completely.

It means that mother scolding her child is doing her job, 100%, completely.

It means those soldiers over there on both sides of a conflict are doing their jobs, 100%, completely.

It means that the whole cast of characters is always doing their jobs to bring us back to our awake state–to the awareness of that.

Think of the character who is doing something abhorrent and unacceptable to you. Does it disturb you? That character is doing its job. Each character, each persona, is either shaking you awake or reflecting the joy and beauty you always have been back to you.

All the characters are equal. All the characters reflect. If what they reflect back to you is disturbance, they are your invitation to release that sense of disturbance. They bring it up so strongly in you. It’s palpable. That’s exactly the moment you can release it and allow peace to enter.

But what if you’re saying, “This should not be! We need to fight and fix these things!” First of all, you’re doing your job, 100%, completely.

You also might be ready for some new information. When you fight and struggle within the illusionary world you have made by reacting against each other, you reinforce your apparent entrapment in the illusion.

That’s okay, too, because if you struggle, fight and judge a lot, you’re going to reach a point of the struggle being too much, and you will allow Love to carry you. In other words, you will allow your true self to take over.

Love is inevitable. Love will prevail. There’s no other possible ending to this grand drama we have been enacting with one another.

“But I want it sooner rather than later!” You’re doing your job, 100%, completely.

If you want it sooner rather than later, hear this: When you stay rooted in the fact that you are spirit, and so is that one, and so is that one, you take a divine shortcut.

When you take a divine shortcut and see that man arguing, notice everything it brings up inside of you, and give him a huge internal thanks for what he helped you see you can release–right now–today, that man is released from his role in waking you up.

When people all around you have their divinely scheduled appointments to help shake you awake canceled, what’s left for them? Ah, leisure. Time for them to wake up to who they are, too.

When you are over there seeing them as the light and love they are and have always been, always in service to awakening no matter what role they are playing, their call to the light is strengthened. In other words, they ease into knowing themselves truly because you know them truly.

Could there be any better unmasking? This is what you came here to witness. You came here to see the divine grace and beauty of every role every person has played in your life, whether it was an invitation to seek something deeper than this illusion in every moment of disturbance, or whether it was a more direct remembrance of your true self in sharing moments of joy.

Could there really be so much forgiveness? There always has been. It has never been any other way. You’re just returning Home to the remembrance of it, and we welcome all of the role-players with open arms and great love.

Photo by Baim Hanif on Unsplash

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