Stress is a reminder that you are loved

What perception would you hold onto today? To what perception would you cling today? What perception will you allow?

Would you insist on anything? What feelings accompany insistence? Notice.

Will you allow yourself to be shown? Go into that feeling of allowing. Feel the spaciousness, the openness. There is no need to define or project impediments in this space. No need for defensiveness. No need to enact a role of good human in resistance to the idea of bad human. No need to label any human. No needs at all. But there is spaciousness, is there not? There is abundance in the truest sense–an abundance of peace.

Let’s do some cleaning today. Anytime you feel the tiniest bit of stress or tension, bring your attention to the fact that you are receiving a signal that you are misperceiving. It’s a habitual misperceiving, and it represents a pattern. This pattern, when consciously interrupted by remembrance of what you are, will crumble and give way to the New.

Give thanks for these signals. They always mean that help is present and available for you. They always mean that your nonphysical team is very eager to assist you, and they love you very much.  At this very moment in time, there is a crew present around you waiting to clear all interference to clear perception. You can affirm in such moments that you are willing to allow your crew to clear misperception.

Clear vision isn’t so much something that is delivered unto you. It’s already there and alive. It simply becomes apparent when you allow all misperception to be cleared away.  The way you live now, it’s as if there is debris from a party long past all around you, but you refuse to allow it to be cleaned up. You keep clinging to it and wondering why you no longer feel a sense of celebration.

If your always-divine siblings approach you and seem to annoy or limit you, they are helping you hear the call to clear vision that is there for you. They deserve your thanks, but more than that, the greatest gift you can give to them is to allow the mental debris to be removed. When you allow this clean-up, you can see them shining in their innocence at al times. When you see nothing but your own innocence reflected back to you, you are at peace.

You are Peace. When you are restored to this precious awareness, you can share it.

Photo by Evan Qu on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Stress is a reminder that you are loved

  1. Thank YOU! What a beautiful message. I just realized from reading this – i am stressed because i am not who i think i “should be” to be with God – more efficient, more disciplined, more ….x and less y….but when i took a breath and a step back – to allow – i realize all is well, i am blessed and a blessing just as i am – a part of His perfection, this moment. All is well – in the sweet silence of love. I just have to keep on coming back here, right? Again and again – and that will clear the stress of wrong perceptions. Thank YOU SOOOOO much. 💖🌹😊 Merry Christmas.

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