Stop and ask

The only real thing you can do is to extend the Love of God. It can seem as if you are offering many other things, but the only real thing you or anyone can offer, ever, is love. If you find yourself caught up in the experience of what seems to be something else, know that you are hiding, You are distracting yourself away from the Love you are, the Love all others are. Stop. Sit. Ask to see what is real. Rest quietly, whenever possible, until insight comes. There is no point in moving forward when false beliefs are dominant.

When it appears is if something different than the extension and the appreciation of Love is happening, ask for clarity. It can only be misperception that would lead you to experience anything other than an extension of Love. Ask to see things as they truly are. Ask to experience the ease that is your nature. Ask to see all others as they truly are. Ask to experience the delight that comes of corrected vision.

Activity and accomplishment may seem so important in the world, but taking the time to stop and ask for corrected perception will save you many cycles of enacting and experiencing the same dramas, of seemingly watching those dramas enacted by others. One of your greatest powers is the ability to stop and to ask for clarity. Use it often. Use it when you experience tension or distress of any kind.

All here are your friends. There are no enemies. It is well worth the time to sit down, to stop and ask to be shown, to sit in contemplation until an insight has come. To stop and ask means that you don’t know. To be in a state of not knowing in an egoic sense means that you are open to guidance. Recognize this not-knowing state, and stay open to what would be truly helpful. Any time you are certain about something in your world with tension and stress, rest assured that you are trying to make an illusion real, and it will never work. Your time is much better spent in asking to see the Real.

Stop often. Ask often. Sit often. It is well worth the time, as you experience it. We are always by your side as you seem to travel through time, always able and willing to assist you into seeing beyond time’s fiction.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

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