Return to Harmony You have a constant resource available to you. We ask you to remember this today when you believe there is any lack, any trouble, or any reason for unhappiness. There is a resource you can access that carries you beyond any idea of lack, trouble, or unhappiness, and all are fully worthy of accessing … Continue reading Return to Harmony

Always served and always serving You are being served by everything that Is in great joy. Feel in, past the back-and-forth surface of the dream you are having. Feel inward to this great joy. It is always there, always alive. The happenings in the dream you are having can attract your attention outward, but there are rich rewards from going … Continue reading Always served and always serving

Everything you need is in your path

One of my favorite parts of receiving a message is asking what photo I should find to help express it. Today, I was guided to the cornucopia image. In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving today. I was wondering if there would be any Thanksgiving reference, and nothing came through until this traditional Thanksgiving symbol. … Continue reading Everything you need is in your path

Reason to celebrate We experience our true strength together. Our true strength is alive and present in us all, equally. If you are willing to see that strength and know it as Real, you also allow it to act through you. When you see yourself as part of a Whole, you allow that Whole to act through … Continue reading Reason to celebrate

Change the channel Love is alive in you. You, as Love, are alive everywhere and everywhen. Think of Love as one thing. But then when worlds of phenomenality came on the scene, that one thing could be experienced and allowed in and through any seemingly separate being, in and through any seemingly separate scene in the drama. … Continue reading Change the channel

Focus on the Real Keep your focus upon what is Real. What is Real is one. What is Real is eternally joy-giving. What is Real is Safety itself. This is your greatest power--your ability to focus. The ego places much emphasis upon the apparent power of the separate one to do. It also places emphasis upon the apparent … Continue reading Focus on the Real

What sort of world will Truth make? We wish to draw your attention to chains of action. During your day, one action seemingly follows another and then another, and some of these action sequences can be seen as revolving around a central concept. Take the action of doing laundry. All of the actions in doing the laundry revolve around the idea … Continue reading What sort of world will Truth make?

Streaming thoughts Thoughts occur to you. Throughout your day, thoughts come into your mind. You are the gatekeeper. You have the power to say, "No, thank you," to a thought. This power is greater than any power that seems to be in the physical. This is the power of clarity. When you are looking at the … Continue reading Streaming thoughts

A transparent game You have been playing a game. Let's call it the inequality game. You have been pretending that there are hazards and villains and death. You have become so absorbed in this game of pretend that you have nearly forgotten that that you are a player. The playing is a defense mechanism. It's a defense … Continue reading A transparent game

We’re waiting at the stream

Hey, everyone. No new message today, but I was guided to share this one again. Wishing you all well! 💚

Love's Beginning

Hello. Thanks for meeting us down here at the stream. As you can see, the sunlight is mild and gentle. The air temperature is very comfortable, and the water is very soothing. Come on in. Join us. This is a wide and gentle brook. There are flat stones to stand upon. There are patches of soft silt. There are pools to wade in. Explore. Notice the beautiful foliage surrounding us, the wildlife. The animals in the forest, the insects, frogs, butterflies and turtles. And you.

There is a flow to access and abide in. It is constant. Its nature is gentle. It is peace. But what about the rapids of life? Sometimes when you want very much to return to us in this place, you ask for something to save you, to come and scoop you out of your present perspective, so we are always by your side as what…

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