Waiting for Love’s answer

Playing the part of a human in a healing drama, you’re going to run into situations in which answers or responses are called for. Remember this: The answer is always simple. Your answer, in any situation that seems to require one, can come from illusion or from Truth. Ask to be guided toward Truth in every moment today.

Whenever anything requires an answer during your day, get in the habit of regarding all answers as given. All answers are already queued up for you, already delivered. Stop and think of yourself as very loved. Think of all others in the situation as very loved, very supported. Ask what Love would have you do or say. If a situation seems difficult and an answer seems difficult, rejoice. Why should you rejoice?

In these moments of difficulty, you are looking at a past attachment to illusions. When you see this attachment and experience it as difficulty of one sort or another, now is the time to declare that you are willing to have these past attachments taken away from you. In this moment of difficulty, you can see clearly that your past attachment to untruth has never served you. You can tell by how it feels. You can agree to release it and to have it removed. This is a moment for healing and for celebrating.

A moment of difficulty means that you are looking at a manacle of your choosing, a manacle to which you have decided to remain tethered again and again, seeing it as safety and security. In this moment of seeing, you can notice that now is the time to agree to have it removed. It can only go if you agree to let go of it. In a moment of difficulty, ego will tempt you to blame another, the world, or yourself. Ego will tempt you to see yourself as a sufferer. We tell you to talk to us. Acknowledge that you can only experience moments of difficulty due to a habit of blocking Love, which can solve everything. Simply agree to allow Love to do what it will. It is always very simple.

Whenever any question arises, ask for Love’s answer. By whom are Love’s answers given? They are always given by your True Self. The answers and responses to which you are accustomed come from a false you. They are supplied by the ego you made. Learn to tell the difference between ego’s answer and Love’s answer. When you value how you feel, you will know the difference instantly.

Only God exists. This is another way of saying that only Love exists. All loving answers spring from that Source you are–from what is Real. When you know how you feel, you can judge the source of an answer. Ego will encourage you to ignore how you feel and put your attention on the logic of the unreal. Pay attention. If you make how you feel primary, you will always know when ego is attempting to influence you.

Ego has no power of its own. It must use yours. It will become easier and easier to ignore ego’s suggestions and to wait in confidence for Love’s answer to every question. As you allow Love to answer all questions, you enter a divine Flow in which all questions disappear. You are fully worthy of the ease of this flow, as are all you perceive to be other.

Whenever anything is unanswered today, turn toward that which is and always has been undivided, and ask for your answer from that Source. Ask and it is given. Love’s answer is always given, so wait after ego’s answer has been offered. Love’s answer will come, and you will feel the certainty of it. Wait for Love’s answer, and each day will be rooted in certainty and joy.

We bask in the glow of your worthiness, of the certainty that is always available to you, and we invite you to do the same.

Photo by manu schwendener on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 47 – I wait for Love’s answer


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