Reaching in means reaching out

Ego offers a bubble to you. You made ego because you wanted to experience not-harmony. Not-harmony is an experience only possible within an illusion, so ego, illusion itself, is an illusion-maker. Ego offers a constant stream of suggestions to you to convince you of your separation from others. The bubble ego offers to you is your separate identity. Ego also offers you all of these “other” bubbles of everyone else’s separate identities.

From within this bubble of enclosure, a bubble of separation from imagined others, ego offers thoughts of condemnation and praise, of this way and of that way, of right and wrong, of back and forth. Ego distracts you away from Oneness, convincing you of twoness. Convinced of twoness, you experience duality.

Ego tells you your bubble is your safety, and it encourages you to protect this bubble. When it seems that someone has attempted to damage your bubble, ego encourages you to fight back. Whether you fight back in thought or in action does not matter. Here is what does matter: Do you believe ego’s suggestions? That is ego’s only power–the power of suggestion. If you believe you are threatened in any way by those other bubbles out there–those other identities–then you are believing ego’s suggestions. All of ego’s suggestions are one suggestion: You are separate.

As you learn to go within, you begin to purposely reach beyond this bubble. Think of the reflective quality here. As you go within, you reach without. You transcend the barriers you accepted, and you begin to see that the barriers were always imaginary. Going within means that you are placing a higher value on what truly is than on what ego suggests–what could never actually be, what can only seem to be in a fantasy.

Ego tells you to get, to reach outside and bring what you want inside the bubble. Ego encourages you to take for your separate self. Going within demolishes all perception of selves as separate. Going within leads you to resting in fulfillment, in a constant giving and receiving that obliterates the notion of taking. Ego’s suggestions are harsh, but going within means that you are allowing harsh voices to fade. Within, past physical perception, is where no separation exists. Within, once you get past the concepts to which you cling, is only the simplicity of the perfection you share with all.

Within is not an escape. It is a return, but only a perceptual return. In truth you have gone nowhere. You have always been one with Love itself, unable to leave what you are. The physical experience is the escape, but only perceptually. Allow your perception to shift, and see how safe and loved you are and have always been.

Your True Self tells you that when you reach outside to extend your hand, joining with others, you can see that you have always had all you need. When you live from within, you can see that what is without can resolve into a reflection of unity. When you live from within, you can see that you never have to judge what seems to be without. Your nourishment comes from within. Focusing there, what seems to be outside takes care of itself.

From within, we offer songs of truth to replace ego’s suggestions. It is our joy to give endlessly to you.

Photo by Lode Lagrainge on Unsplash

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