The light you are shines away fear We invite you to notice uncertainty and doubt today. When you are willing to allow the light you are shine on uncertainty and doubt as they arise, you are able to watch the process of choices you make. When doubt and uncertainty arise, they are uncomfortable. Usually, you will seek to cover them over … Continue reading The light you are shines away fear

Waking up to mesmerism

Awakening is largely a process of taking out the garbage. You have attached to many seemingly separate concepts you don't need, and they get projected out as the world you experience. The world you see and experience is a reflection of these concepts. When you see that your attachment to back and forth concepts keeps … Continue reading Waking up to mesmerism

Questioning the illusion

Today we focus upon your willingness to release the old, to let go of habits, to see things differently because you are looking upon what is Real. We're going to take a slow and careful look at what happens when you don't feel good and why this alert system of feeling is a very good … Continue reading Questioning the illusion

Looking through ego to Reality

Look at when you place value on separate minds and their attributes. They are all imaginary, and when you do this you are living in an imaginary world. Notice what you think is real today. Notice what you give the power to help or to harm. Just look. Notice how thoughts and assumptions construct the … Continue reading Looking through ego to Reality

Valueless judgments

Why are you so willing to look at your judgments? This may seem like an odd question, but why does this have your attention? It's because you know that your constructions are your blockage, the only thing seemingly holding you back. The willingness to look at your judgments also contains the willingness to do the … Continue reading Valueless judgments

Only cause for celebration

There is only cause for celebration now. You are willing to drop what you don't need. Celebrate that. This willingness is a very important starting point for each phase of your journey. Whenever you notice this willingness, celebrate. Whenever you feel lost, return to the truth of this willingness. You cannot take a step wrong. … Continue reading Only cause for celebration

Let go of the pendulum

We are recommending that you let go of the pendulum. All of our messages have thrown what we are calling the pendulum into sharp relief for you. They have helped you see where the pendulum is active as an apparent centerpiece of your life, and now we are just coming right out and saying, “Let … Continue reading Let go of the pendulum

Emerging from misperception

I have been sick for the past few days--like not-able-to-do-much sick. As I wondered why I couldn't just vibrate myself out of it, this came to mind: If you still had resistance running, wouldn't it be a favor to you for it to come up in a very tangible form that you can't ignore or … Continue reading Emerging from misperception

The gift of sanity

We are here to decrease your workload. You're welcome. You don't have to work so hard. Everything will roll along very nicely without your interference. Whose interference? We call it the apparent interference of a character who fears love. You have been projecting out an image of yourself because that's what everyone else does. When … Continue reading The gift of sanity

A thin tissue of lies

You have been lying to yourself. This is good news. It is good to know such a thing, to be able to admit it, to look at it. Pay attention. Every time you feel fear, this is you attempting to hold onto lies you never needed. You can stop kidding yourself that fears are about … Continue reading A thin tissue of lies