Strength and clear-mindedness

Thank you to a reader who requested a message about how to respond to sleep difficulties ūüíöReceive a message We have good news for you! You're having a really tough time staying asleep! Now, from the physical experience of this, it is probably not so funny, but look here: You are willing to wake … Continue reading Strength and clear-mindedness

Supple We introduce you to no-neediness. No needs of any kind. As you truly Are, this is how you are. As all truly Are, this is how they Are. You perceive needs. You think you need. You think they need, and this is okay. This is a time when thoughts about needs can float to … Continue reading Supple

Illusion’s thoughts are replaced Most of the posts I've been sharing lately are messages that I was given weeks ago. I didn't get the call to share until now. The really interesting thing about that time gap was that it helped me see that on the day I shared the message, it applied perfectly to something I experienced. … Continue reading Illusion’s thoughts are replaced

Carried past Any certainty that feels stressful is false. It does not matter if you have all the worldly evidence lined up. Any certainty that feels stressful is showing your attachment to an illusion, trying to make the illusion real and trying to find your reality within it. This will never work, and this is very … Continue reading Carried past

Dream: A separate place, subject to the limits of time and space Every aspect of the world you're experiencing can be celebrated as perfect, because every aspect reveals how you are feeling and what you are thinking. Every seen-as-separate aspect of the world you're experiencing is reflective in this way, and it does you the service of showing your mind to you. Once you see what … Continue reading Dream: A separate place, subject to the limits of time and space

Marionettes dance at your command You don't have to condemn any part of the illusion. Imagine a blank canvas. Your friend walks up to this canvas, hallucinating. You can see clearly that there is not one brushstroke upon the canvas. Your friend walks up to one part of the canvas, mesmerized. "It's so beautiful--exquisite! I love it!" And then … Continue reading Marionettes dance at your command

Reaching in means reaching out Ego offers a bubble to you. You made ego because you wanted to experience not-harmony. Not-harmony is an experience only possible within an illusion, so ego, illusion itself, is an illusion-maker. Ego offers a constant stream of suggestions to you to convince you of your separation from others. The bubble ego offers to you … Continue reading Reaching in means reaching out

Everything is useful Every aspect of the illusion you made can be turned to the service of healing, to the service of waking you up. Everything is useful, but when you are identified as the separate one, what ego would have you be, you have no idea what the purpose of anything is. We ask you to … Continue reading Everything is useful

The struggle is unreal When you catch yourself trying to figure something out, take a moment to return to what is Real.¬† The back and forth of trying to figure something out is a struggle. It's something you do when you are ego-identified, thinking that your character must run things. We do not ask you to try to … Continue reading The struggle is unreal

Allowing ego’s logic to fall apart Your purpose is to let all of the illusions go, and you have endless and abiding assistance in doing this.¬† It's not really a doing; it's an allowing. It's an allowing yourself to see what has always been here. It's a realization that you have been holding something up in front of what has … Continue reading Allowing ego’s logic to fall apart