Reaching in means reaching out Ego offers a bubble to you. You made ego because you wanted to experience not-harmony. Not-harmony is an experience only possible within an illusion, so ego, illusion itself, is an illusion-maker. Ego offers a constant stream of suggestions to you to convince you of your separation from others. The bubble ego offers to you … Continue reading Reaching in means reaching out

Everything is useful Every aspect of the illusion you made can be turned to the service of healing, to the service of waking you up. Everything is useful, but when you are identified as the separate one, what ego would have you be, you have no idea what the purpose of anything is. We ask you to … Continue reading Everything is useful

The struggle is unreal When you catch yourself trying to figure something out, take a moment to return to what is Real.  The back and forth of trying to figure something out is a struggle. It's something you do when you are ego-identified, thinking that your character must run things. We do not ask you to try to … Continue reading The struggle is unreal

Allowing ego’s logic to fall apart Your purpose is to let all of the illusions go, and you have endless and abiding assistance in doing this.  It's not really a doing; it's an allowing. It's an allowing yourself to see what has always been here. It's a realization that you have been holding something up in front of what has … Continue reading Allowing ego’s logic to fall apart

Walking you through the fire You can't ever be alone. The simplest way to convey this to you now is to say that all are always surrounded by angels, by ever-present nonphysical help. How you think of others, their strengths, and their access to ever-present help, is a reflection of how you think of yourself. Do you see yourself … Continue reading Walking you through the fire

Focus on our connection More reliable than the ephemeral things of this world is our connection. Our connection is unbroken and eternal, and it will always be so, because we are One. What is One cannot be divided. Your world seems to be proof of division. We would like you to see the world you made as something … Continue reading Focus on our connection

Beyond opposites We would like to explore the notion of worldly states that are considered positive. You will be allowing your attachment to these states to go as you allow yourself to remember what is beyond the world you chose, what has always been here for you. There is peace as the world knows it. As … Continue reading Beyond opposites

The light you are shines away fear We invite you to notice uncertainty and doubt today. When you are willing to allow the light you are shine on uncertainty and doubt as they arise, you are able to watch the process of choices you make. When doubt and uncertainty arise, they are uncomfortable. Usually, you will seek to cover them over … Continue reading The light you are shines away fear

Waking up to mesmerism

Awakening is largely a process of taking out the garbage. You have attached to many seemingly separate concepts you don't need, and they get projected out as the world you experience. The world you see and experience is a reflection of these concepts. When you see that your attachment to back and forth concepts keeps … Continue reading Waking up to mesmerism