What can be hidden?

We invite you to look at the idea of hiding, of covering up. Look at where you believe this idea to be active in your own life, and look at where you believe it to be active in the lives of ones you know, on the world stage. Just look. You believe it is possible to hide something, and you believe that it is possible for something to be hidden from you. You then live a drama that is based on these thoughts, but the drama is fiction.

We ask you to remember this today: The drama is fictional, and it is built from your thoughts.

If all is truly light, then nothing is hidden. All is truly light. There is nothing hidden because that which you point to as hidden doesn’t actually exist. All of the evidence supporting this thought that ego sent to you is a projection of your thoughts. You believe, and then you experience. As you experience, you seem to find evidence to back up what you believed. You only find it because your thoughts projected it.

You may be living a drama of things you are hiding or hidden information and agendas on the world stage, but it is a drama built of the projection of your thoughts. Yes, we are repetitive today. Projection of your thoughts, projection of your thoughts, we say. This is because you are finally ready to hear it. You are finally ready to see your own power, the power that you share equally with all others, who share equal innocence and beauty with you. No exceptions.

When you say something is hidden, you are making it real. Anything that could be hidden is not real. It is an experience you are giving yourself with thought. The buck stops here. Your responsibility–your ability to respond to what you think you see. Your thoughts. What is not real has no power. Any power any other seems to have within the drama you are projecting comes from imagination if it is power over others. That is not true power. Today we extend to you your true power–the ability to allow miracles to correct perception. Perception can only be corrected if you are willing to allow it.

By realizing that all of the drama that you are projecting with thought is unreal, you allow miracles in to correct perception. If you are experiencing a drama that the ego keeps scripting with thought, it is very easy for it to be interrupted and reconfigured. Allow the interruption of ego. Allow the reconfiguration of the drama. You don’t have to know how it will be reconfigured. That is not for a human identity, part of the fictional drama itself, to decide. Just know that your True Self knows exactly what to do, and find your willingness to see this True Self–the one shared equally with all–shining forth from all.

We hide nothing from you, and you are not able to hide anything from us. Only in a dream of guilt, shame, and lack could this be so. Wake up, arise, and allow the dream to be flooded with the light that shines lovingly upon all. We love to assist you as you awaken, and we are always by your side.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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